Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds

The County Clerk and Register of Deeds is elected every four years, as provided by the Michigan Constitution. The duties of the Clerk are prescribed by State Statute and include: Clerk of the Circuit Court, Keeper of the Circuit Court Seal, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners, Clerk of the County Board of Canvassers, Chief Election Officer for the County, Clerk of the Jury Board, Clerk of the Concealed Weapon Licensing Board, Registrar of the Vital Records, files all co-partnership certificates, assumed name certificates, handles all tax redemptions and is a member of the County Plat Board. Fees are established by law and deposited in the county’s general fund. The duties of the Register of Deeds are prescribed by state law and include: official recording and filing of all legal documents affecting real property, and the reception and storage of financing statements relating to property mortgages other than real estate, recording certificates of survey and indexing the same, recording all surveys establishing land corners, time and date stamping documents, imaging and indexing all documents according to statutory fees set by the legislature. All fees are deposited in the county’s general fund.

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What are three top issues facing this office that you want to address if elected? State your position in the first sentence, then explain your response.

Earlier this year at least one county commissioner called for an audit of the clerk and register of deeds office over concerns about the automation fund. An internal investigation found no intentional wrongdoing but that some of the automation fund’s expenses should have been paid for by the general fund. What are your thoughts on the issue?

Do you believe the office is run as efficiently as possible and if not, what would you do to improve? State your position in the first sentence, then please explain your response.

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Professional Experience 1970 - 1975 Kindergarten Teacher in the Battle Creek Public Schools 1976 Founder and Teacher at Lemon Tree Pre-School at the Y Center of Battle Creek
Political Experience 1984 - 1988 Calhoun County Commissioner 1989 - Present Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds
Family Married: James Norlander, 10th District Court Judge Children: Adam (Christa) Norlander, J.D., Jane (Jonathan) Harrell, Grandchildren: Marin Isabelle, Quinn Margaret and Grant Westray Norlander Evan James and Brynn Marie Harrell Grand dog: Murphy
I am requesting the voters confidence and continued support during the next four years based on a consistent pattern of innovation, progress and achievements accomplished by our office under my watch. The Clerk and Register of Deeds’ office continues to be efficient, effective and user friendly. I will continue to push for greater access, greater productivity from our staff and responsiveness to citizens’ needs. I should be re-elected to continue to re-think government, envision and institute new ways of doing business to better serve the citizens of Calhoun County. We pride ourselves on being customer friendly and delivering excellent service at a cost effective rate.
Continued implementation of our electronic filing / recording of land records by increasing our customer base.

Implementation of a new Register of Deeds software system to facilitate and streamline the 13 step process of recording a deed.

The implementation of the electronic filing of Circuit Court documents with the new “OnBase” software which will create a countywide paperless environment.
The independent investigation revealed no instances of fraud and/or misappropriation of the automation fund. The law firm of Mike Myers concluded the lack of any intent to do wrong.
The need for making innovative changes and continuing to improve productivity in the Clerk and Register of Deeds office remains a high priority with me. We will continue to “Make Government Work” in Calhoun County through productivity, innovation, technology and dedication.