Williamstown Township Supervisor - 4 Year Term- Vote For Not More Than 1

Williamstown Township Supervisor

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    Wanda Bloomquist

  • Howard Dahlstrom

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What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Do you support raising taxes as a way to pay for road improvements? Yes or no, please explain.

Are you comfortable with the structure and scope of local government? Yes or no, please explain.

Related to government structure, what would you change?

What are the three most important issues facing the city/township and how would you address them?

As property tax revenue and state aid decline, is it appropriate for the county to assume a larger role in providing services to city/township residents? Yes or no, please explain.

What city services do you consider most vital?

What city/township services are least vital and can be trimmed to lower expenses?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? Yes or no. If no, please explain.

Hometown Williamston has been our home for the past 28 years.
Education Graduate of Leslie High School. Lansing Community College
Family Richard- Husband of 31 years Nathan- Son 27 yrs. old.
Professional Experience Realtor 32 years serving the Greater Lansing Community Planning Assistant for Williamstown Township 9 years Williamstown Twp. Planning Commissioner 3 years
Political Experience Appointed to the position of Supervisor in September of 2015.
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I currently am serving as Supervisor and over my 10 plus years with the Township I have been involved with local, County and Regional Committees representing our Township. Locally I have served as a Planning Commissioner, Planning Assistant, Parks and Rec Chair, and as Recording Secretary. I believe the Township staff and officers have a great working relationship with each other and the public with the goal of providing our residents with exceptional service. I am dedicated to being available and to continue to advocate for our residents on issues that affect our community.
Yes, Only if this is the desire of our residents. The residents that serve on the Road Committee are dedicated stewards of our roads and have had to make tough recommendations to the Board. The Township has adopted a funding policy to help maintain as much of our roads as possible, however it is clearly not enough. The funding that our legislature passed is not going to cover the maintenance and repair of our current infrastructure. The Township is going to have to make some hard choices in the future without an additional funding mechanism such as a dedicated millage to our roads. It will be our job to inform our residents so that they can make educated decisions.
Yes. As a General Law Township each elected official has duties to perform according to state statute. The collection of taxes, elections and assessing are better done at the local level where there is more personal service available.
Nothing. Our residents are protective of our rural community, and have come to expect and appreciate the level of service the Township is able to provide as a General Law Township. Unless the residents petition otherwise I would vote to keep the current status of the Township. I would not vote to become a Charter Township.
1. Roads. I would continue working with the road committee and suggest having town hall meetings so that residents can have an opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas on how to best solve the funding issue. 2. Growth. The Township residents have overwhelmingly indicated that protecting the rural atmosphere of the Township is a priority. The Township zoning ordinance is reviewed to insure the ideals set out in the Master Plan are being implemented while protecting individual property rights. 3. Services. Maintaining and expanding services for our residents while staying fiscally responsible with Township Funds. Public Safety services are a priority.
No. I believe the best service is at the local level with good communication between the County and Township on how best to utilize the services available to the Township. The decline in state aid and tax revenue is also affecting County services so it is important for cooperation between municipalities for services that benefit our residents. For instance, the Township has an agreement with Meridian Township to provide Police services for our community. This has been an overwhelming success story for our residents. The Township is also part of NIESA that is made up of adjoining Townships along with the City of Williamston to provide emergency and fire services.
Public safety. The Township works closely with NIESA and the Meridian Police Department to bring the best service possible to our residents. Both organizations are working hard for our community. The Township has also been designated as an emergency shelter.

Zoning. To provide protection of property rights and our rural character for future generations to enjoy. The Planning Commission is made up of dedicated residents that take this role seriously. It is not an easy task!
The Board does take a very conservative approach to the budgeting process and I will continue to look for ways to improve services while keeping cost down. This will allow us to continue funding our infrastructure at a higher rate given our asset management and adopted policies. The Township is fortunate to have dedicated residents who do not hesitate to step up on a volunteer basis. The restoration of Branch School was completed by volunteers as well as most of the improvements at the Township Park. Our local Artists have come together to raise funds for playground equipment at the Township Hall. And without volunteers, the Township would not be able to provide the Spring Clean Up.
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