Leroy Township Supervisor - 4 Year Term- Vote For Not More Than 1

Leroy Township Supervisor

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  • Earl Griffes

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Biographical Information

What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Do you support raising taxes as a way to pay for road improvements? Yes or no, please explain.

Are you comfortable with the structure and scope of local government? Yes or no, please explain.

Related to government structure, what would you change?

What are the three most important issues facing the city/township and how would you address them?

As property tax revenue and state aid decline, is it appropriate for the county to assume a larger role in providing services to city/township residents? Yes or no, please explain.

What city services do you consider most vital?

What city/township services are least vital and can be trimmed to lower expenses?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? Yes or no. If no, please explain.

Hometown Webberville
Education High School Graduate
Family 2 adult children
Professional Experience Licensed Builder since 1992
Political Experience Leroy Township Planning commission member from 1990-2006 Planning Commission Chairman 2000-2006 Webberville School Board from January 1998-June 2003 Vice President of School Board August 1999-June 2001 President of School Board July 2001- June 2003 Leroy Township Trustee November 2008-November 2012 Leroy Township Representative to the NIESA board May 2009-February2013 NIESA board Chairman February 2011- February 2013
I have been on local boards for several years, I understand how boards work and how to work with other board members for the common good of the township. I have been Conservative in my dealings on government boards believe that we need to be careful with public tax dollars and spend them wisely. I have experience with our local zoning and planning in the Township, understand the need for zoning and planning for the benefit of all township residents.
No, I believe we need to improve the way we spend money on roads, Our roads need to be a priority and should use the resources we already have, our local roads have taken a back seat and we need to work to improve them with better use of the funds we have available.
Yes. Local levels of government provide local zoning that is specific to their own unique entity. Also taxes are paid and distributed locally at the township level, You deal with local community members at the township if you have questions or concerns.
Candidate did not provide a response.
1. We have to be proactive in our planning for the future when it comes to what areas of the township should be allowed to be developed, our township is predominantly rural with a lot of agricultural enterprises, and we have to keep that in mind when we plan for the future uses we allow in the township. 2. Roads are very important to everyone. I think we need to work with the road commission to make a long term plan to maintain and improve local township roads with the funds available. 3. Zoning is always on the the most important issues in all local governments, we need to make sure we keep our ordinances up to date and continue to tweak our ordinances to fit our ever changing culture.
No. I believe we need to provide the services at a local level. When the county provide services the tend to provide them in the more heavily populated area of the county and so the rural areas do not see as much benefit yet are still paying the same tax rate as the more populated areas.
Candidate did not provide a response.
I am not sure we can cut a lot of services, possible have fewer office hours that are open to the public,