Ingham County Drain Commissioner - 4 Year Term - Vote For Not More Than 1

Ingham County Drain Commissioner - 4 Year Term - Vote For Not More Than 1

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    George Platsis

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Hometown Lansing, MI
Education I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Resource Development from Michigan State University, with credits toward an advanced degree.
Family Married to Melody Angel MD, step-daughter Crystal, sons Todd and Justin, daughter Lee Ann and grand children.
Professional Experience Lansing City Council 1979 to 1991, in the retail business for 23 years, realtor for 6 years.
Political Experience Lansing City Council from 1979 to 1991, Ingham County Drain Commissioner from 1993 to 2016, a total of 36 years as an elected official.
Rebuilding and maintaining Ingham County’s aging storm water infrastructure. My proactive approach, has saved millions of dollars. Making drain office records accessible and available through the internet. 350 of our 540 county drains are already on the internet. This enormous task also includes plans, schedules and information about our petition projects and assessments. Rewriting storm water infrastructure standards to meet the needs of today’s changing weather patterns. This will secure the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. My office is dedicated to serving the needs of the citizens of Ingham County through these above-mentioned initiatives, and in many other ways.
I will concentrate on improving the services of the Ingham County Drain Office, as I have for the past 5 terms. The duties of the Drain Commissioner are important in many ways. Well-designed and well-maintained infrastructure is essential, not only for the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens, but also as a platform for economic development and job creation. Through these efforts, we will improve the quality of life for everyone.
The services provided by the Ingham County Drain Commissioner are many. The main duty is improving and maintaining storm water drains throughout the county. Effective storm water drainage prevents flooding of basements, crops and roads, to highlight some it’s vital impacts on everyone’s daily life. The Drain Commissioner also serves as the Public Works Director, chairperson for lake boards, member of the County Parks Board, approving plats for new developments, County Enforcing Agent for soil erosion and sedimentation control, administers the county’s Phase II Program to eliminate non-point source pollution and many other duties. I consider all of these services vitally important.
This question implies that there are services that are either not necessary, or have little or no impact on the citizens of the county. I believe the opposite. All the services provided by this office are wisely mandated by law or by county policy. The assumption that some services may be eliminated or reduced in scope is more complicated then making a priority list of the services. I firmly believe that it is my duty as drain Commissioner, to carry out all of these duties and services with equal vigor, attention and importance.
Throughout my five terms, I have made great strides in streamlining, reducing duplicated efforts, and employing efficiencies which save time and increase accurate outcomes to our work product. By implementing low impact design storm water management techniques in all our drain projects, I have consistently saved millions of dollars and prevented expected increases in expenditures. By automating our recordkeeping and working to provide accessibility to all of our documentation over the internet, I am saving valuable financial resources, while providing user friendly accessibility to the public. When I am re-elected, I will continue to lower expenses and improve efficiency.
Hometown Born in Crete, Europe, as an American citizen. Returned to Battle Creek Michigan in 1938 were I lived until the age of 17.
Education University of Michigan, University of Michigan Medical and Law Schools
Family Wife of 52 years, Barbara Spor Platsis. Daughter Christina Volkwein of Greenwich Ct. Daughter Maria Platsis of Greenwich Ct. Four grandchildren, Chloe Volkwein (Harvard), Celia Volkwein (Syracuse), Caroline Volkwein (Stanwich), Georgiana Olivia Platsis (Stanwich)
Professional Experience Federal Trade Commission 1967-69, Assistant Attorney General State of Michigan 1969-1975, Special Assistant Attorney General 1976-1983, Civil litigation and appellate attorney 1975--until retirement. Licensed to practice in Michigan (active) and Washington D.C. (inactive).
Political Experience None.
Campaign Website http://none
Facebook http://yes
Twitter http://yes
Protect individual private property rights while promoting responsible development. Equal treatment of all people, whether in corporate form or solo property owners
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To be supplied after my first month in office.
To be supplied after my first month in office.