Delta Chrt Twp Clerk, 4-Year Term

Delta Charter Twp Clerk, 4-Year Term, vote for 1

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  • Mary R. Clark

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What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Do you support raising taxes as a way to pay for road improvements? Yes or no, please explain.

Are you comfortable with the structure and scope of local government? Yes or no, please explain.

Related to government structure, what would you change?

What are the three most important issues facing the city/township and how would you address them?

As property tax revenue and state aid decline, is it appropriate for the county to assume a larger role in providing services to city/township residents? Yes or no, please explain.

What city services do you consider most vital?

What city/township services are least vital and can be trimmed to lower expenses?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? Yes or no. If no, please explain.

Hometown Delta Township
Education Illinois State University, BS
Family Two children, five grandchildren
Professional Experience 5 Years Delta Township Clerk 5 Years Legislative Assistant, Michigan House of Representatives 17 Years Non-profit management
Political Experience 5 Years Delta Township Clerk 5 Years Legislative Assistant to Rep Joan Bauer, MI House of Representatives
Campaign Website http://na
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Twitter http://na
I have 5 years experience in serving as the Delta Township Clerk, during that time I have overseen 11 elections. Delta Township received a perfect score in our SOM Bureau of Elections audit. Additionally, I have 10 years in public policy experience and over 15 years in non-profit policy experience and management.
Yes, I believe the State of Michigan needs to identify a clear sustainable method to fund road improvements whether that comes as a use tax, sales tax on gasoline, license tag fees or a combination of this or other revenue streams AND then act on that funding.
Yes I am comfortable with the structure and scope of local government. I believe local government is equally as important as state government. Local government identifies the needs of their citizens and acts on those needs for the betterment of our local communities in a timely and sustainable way.
This is a broad question so I will answer in a broad context. The absolute most critical change that needs to happen in government is at the State level. Michigan must address the damage that has occurred to our state as a result of term limits. Term limits need to be removed or at best, refined or redefined in a formula that allows for longer terms or a combination of terms. This is critical to help address the polarization that has and is continuing to occur in state government. The second thing to address is elimination of partisan drawing of district lines. A nonpartisan commission needs to be established and protected in the constitution then given the power to redraw lines.
First we have committed to working to improve the Saginaw Highway corridor and have had many successful outcomes. It is critical that we continue that focus. I would like to see a task force of local business leaders from the corridor and township officials work to identify new solutions. Second safe, stable neighborhoods should remain a priority. Consistent code enforcement is necessary along with public safety - both police and fire/EMS. Third, the county drain commissioner is responsible for managing drains in the township and has been less than proactive in addressing problem areas. Candidates seeking the office of Drain Commissioner should be appropriately educated and trained.
There are vast differences in the needs of residents in Delta Township as compared to the needs in rural areas of Eaton County. One size does not fit all and a county wide method of providing services is neither practical nor economical in many areas. Delta Township works in partnership where is it appropriate and fiscally responsible. We contract our policing from Eaton County Sheriff's Office. We provide office space to both the County Clerk and County Treasurer to provide county services to our residents.
The township services I consider most vital are safe, stable neighborhoods which are achieved through effective policing, fire/EMS services, and proactive code enforcement. Also vital are attractive, well managed parks, trails, and family activity opportunities.
I believe Delta Township has a strong history of managing our budget (tax dollars) very well and anticipate that to continue well into the future. There are no services provided directly by the township that I would consider to be appropriate to downsize or eliminate.