51st District Court Judge (Non-incumbent)

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    Todd Fox

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    Mary Mara

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Biographical Information

List all courts and agencies in which you are currently admitted to practice.

Describe your previous legal experience, listing the names of your previous employers and any areas of the law in which you specialize. What percentage of your practice is civil? Criminal?

How often do you to appear before the court to which you seek election?

Describe your three most recent trials/cases and list the names of the presiding judge and opposing counsel in each.

Describe any pro bono legal services you have provided in the last 5 years.

Have you ever been admonished, reprimanded, suspended or otherwise disciplined by attorney or judicial disciplinary authorities in Michigan or any other jurisdiction? If yes, provide details.

Please list organizations or political action committees that have endorsed your candidacy or asked their members to donate to your campaign.

What factors would you consider in deciding what sentence to hand down in a criminal case?

If you observed a party in your courtroom being poorly represented by counsel, how would you address the situation?

Under what circumstances, if any, would you feel obligated to disclose to opposing counsel that a lawyer appearing before you had donated to your election campaign?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

City of residence Waterford
Age 49
Military service None
Degrees earned Bachelors of Business Administration Juris Doctor
Vehicles owned Chevy Traverse, Chevy Suburban, GMC Sierra, Ford F150, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
Race/ethnicity White
Current occupation Trial Attorney Family Law Mediator Real Estate Broker
Other relevant professional experience Adjunct Professor Michigan District Court Officer Judicial Clerk
Current or previous elected office Waterford Township Board of Trustees.
State of Michigan, All Courts November 22, 1993 United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan July 7, 1994 United States Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit October 10, 1995 State of Colorado, All Courts November 13, 1995
Sole Practitioner: Specializing in litigation including, but not limited to, criminal defense, family law, civil law and personal injury. Many high profile cases require effective handling of media coverage throughout proceedings. Management of law practice includes staff of two persons. 50/50 Civil and Criminal.

Former Adjunct Professor, Oakland Community College, Business Law II. Family Law Mediator. Former Level 1 Trial Attorney, (Life Maximum Offenses) Oakland County Circuit Court. Todd A. Fox, P.C., Attorney and Counselor at Law. 16th District Court/Livonia, Michigan District Court Officer. Oakland County Circuit Court, Judicial Clerk.
1. Long term, high asset divorce. Hon. Mary Ellen Brennan. William E. Ziem.

2. Possession of Marijuana. Hon Kelly Kostin. Lisa Hamameh

3. Drunk Driving. Hon. Richard D. Kuhn, Jr. Craig Pavlock.
I have handled many pro bono cases throughout my career. I have not kept track of same and have no way of knowing how many or when.
Oakland County Deputy Sheriff's Association Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans. North Oakland County Board of Realtors (NOCBOR).
1)The facts of the criminal offense, including the impact the offense has had on the victim; 2) the Defendant’s prior personal history and criminal record; and 3) the Defendant’s level of remorse or understanding for what has occurred to person and/or property combined with the need to protect the community.
I would take a recess and invite both counsel into my chambers. I would discuss the matter in a general sense and possibly ask the other side if they would allow me to speak with the person individually. If I felt the situation was extreme I would be forced to take more significant action and possibly contact the State Bar.
If the lawyer had donated more than the average typically received through fundraising or if a personal or business relationship exists or existed that has the potential to bring into question my impartiality, I believe disclosure is necessary. The lawyers for each party may then decide if they would like to make a request for me to remove myself from further proceedings on that particular case.
City of residence Waterford
Age 51
Military service No
Degrees earned BA James Madison College, Michigan State University (1987) J.D. Detroit College of Law (1991) Currently pursuing an advanced law degree (LLM) in National Security Law.
Vehicles owned 2016 Buick LaCrosse
Race/ethnicity White
Campaign Website
Current occupation Litigator, Oakland County Corporation Counsel (14 years)
Other relevant professional experience Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Oakland County (11 years)
Current or previous elected office none
State Bar of Michigan (All State Courts in Michigan) U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan (Federal) 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal)
I have devoted my 25-year career to all matters impacting public safety. As an Assistant Prosecutor in Oakland County, I represented crime victims in District Court, Circuit Court, the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and devoted most of my time to the prosecution of crimes against children and vulnerable adults. I spent the last 14 years as a Litigator for Oakland County (the county's civil counsel). In this role, I evaluate lawsuits filed against the county and supervise other litigators. The Supreme Court and state and county officials have called on me to train police officers, judges and court administrators in everything from search and seizure law to pandemic preparation,
I do not typically appear in the 51st District Court in my current position. Most of my time is spent in Federal Court over the last 14 years litigating issues of constitutional law. As an Assistant Prosecutor, appeared in the 51st District Court frequently. I was assigned to this Court as an Assistant Prosecutor for a lengthy period of time.
My last three trials were conducted in Federal Court in Detroit. All of my trials entail the defense of Oakland County Sheriff Deputies when they are sued for alleged civil rights violations. I have appeared in front of nearly every Judge in Federal District Court in Detroit.
I have assisted numerous senior citizens with the preparation of durable powers of attorney for health care and financial decisions,. I have also assisted them with the creation of trusts and wills.
Right to Life of Michigan PAC Oakland County Sheriff Deputy Association. Oakland County Sheriff Command officer Association.
Facts of the case (both aggravating and mitigating circumstances), past criminal history, the victim's impact statement, recommendations of the probation department, and whether the defendant is eligible or suitable for treatment court (veteran's treatment court, sobriety court, or mental health court). The most important factor a Judge must consider is whether the offender represents a threat to public safety. Treatment court and a lengthy probation sentence are preferable, when possible, to a jail term. Jail may be necessary, however, in instances where the defendant is a repeat offender or his or her behavior reflect a callous disregard for the safety of our community.
I would bring counsel for both parties into my chambers and try to determine what is causing the poor representation. If it is a lack of sufficient time to prepare, I would consider granting additional time if the other side doesn't object. If the attorney seems to be either incompetent or unable for personal or health-related reasons to provide adequate representation, I would suggest that the attorney move to withdraw from the case. If the attorney appears to be incompetent and refuses to withdraw, I would adjourn the matter and report my concerns to the Attorney Grievance Commission.
An obligation to disclose this information only arises when I feel as though the contribution has the potential to affect my ability to be fair and impartial. I would make any and all disclosures required by the Code of Judicial Conduct.
Yes, I filed in 2003. I was forced into bankruptcy because I assumed responsibility for a family member's unpaid medical expenses.