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Do families and community members feel welcome and respected in their school?

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Professional Experience - Director, Public Information and Marketing, Kellogg Community College (2012-present) - Adjunct Instructor, Kellogg Community College (2014-2016) - Managing Editor, Metro Editor, Columnist, Reporter, Battle Creek Enquirer (2001-2012) - Reporter, Great Falls Tribune (1998-2001) - Reporter, Holland Sentinel (1997-1998) - Freelance Reporter, Grand Rapids Press (1995-1997) - Part-time Reporter, Greenville Daily News (1993-1995) I am currently a volunteer member of: - Kellogg Community College Foundation Board of Directors - Calhoun County Visitor Bureau Board of Directors - Choose Health Calhoun Steering Committee - Beacon Community Core Team - Community Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee I also am: - Founder of the Aspiring Journalist Fund, a scholarship at the Kellogg Community College Foundation - Past president of Michigan Community College Marketing and Communications Association, 2014-2015 - Past member of Battle Creek Historic District Commission, 2012-2014.
Political Experience Appointed to fill a partial term on the Lakeview School District Board of Education in May 2015. Current treasurer of school board.
Family Wife, Julie, and two sons
I wish to serve the interests of the Lakeview School District, especially those of students, teachers and families across the community, because I have a passion for public education and a strong desire for our schools to continue to strive for and deliver excellent teaching and learning. I want to ensure that Lakeview provides a safe, positive, academically rigorous experience for all students.

Qualifications: Current school board treasurer; parent of two sons who attend Lakeview schools; youth soccer/basketball coach; classroom experience as KCC adjunct instructor; reading mentor for at-risk children; pursuing master's degree from Eastern Michigan University; community volunteer/advocate.
Public schools have been a major part of my life since I was born. My parents were longtime middle school teachers and raised me with a keen understanding of the hours, expertise and emotional energy that is required of successful teachers. I graduated from a public school (Belding, Mich.) and my sons are currently attending Lakeview. I have been a regular volunteer at Minges Brook Elementary, where I engage in activities as varied as helping children learn to read and running the copy machine. I was appointed to the Lakeview Board of Education in 2015 and was an active member on the citizen-led committee that promoted the Lakeview bond millage in May 2016.
One of the most important things I’ve learned is that children arrive in public school classrooms from a variety of home situations and with a variety of life experiences. As a result, learning styles and readiness vary greatly from one child to the next. These variances require the district to be creative, flexible and innovative.

My priorities for Lakeview include: - Strengthened embrace of equity strategies - Selection of new superintendent - Millage-funded facility renovations - Expansion of social development curricula, such as "Life of an Athlete" - Expansion of amount of time children spend outdoors during the school day - Stewardship of public funds.
Based on my observations, Mr. Peterson brings logic, humility and calmness to every situation, no matter how difficult the topic. I sincerely appreciate his approach and I attribute much of Lakeview’s recent success to his leadership style over the past several years. He is respected and respectful. He is candid and diplomatic. He is loyal and fair. In short, I feel he has done a tremendous job as superintendent and believe Lakeview has been lucky to have him. Because Mr. Peterson announced he will retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year, the board now faces a difficult task in finding another superintendent of the same caliber.
Lakeview's teachers are doing a tremendous job despite challenges placed before them. In any profession, employee evaluations, when implemented correctly, can be constructive for all involved. In education, however, the matter of teacher evaluations has become divisive and distracting. I support the evaluation of teachers as long as the process is district-driven and focused on high-quality feedback, continuous improvement and opportunities for success while allowing for variables such as over-crowding and special needs students. I oppose the use of students’ standardized test scores in a teacher’s evaluation, since test scores are volatile and the testing tools are ever-changing.
Teachers in Lakeview are currently adequately compensated in accordance with market conditions, including the size of the district and the average teacher salaries in the region. That said, as the district budget allows in future years, I advocate for making salaries in Lakeview even more competitive to reflect the importance of teachers’ work and to strengthen Lakeview’s ability to attract and retain top-notch employees. I also believe Lakeview’s current system of support and professional development, including data-driven team discussions and training built into the school calendar, is appropriate.
Many families and community members feel welcome and respected in Lakeview, but the fact is some feel marginalized, which negatively impacts their ability to learn and achieve. It is important for Lakeview to deliver education successfully to all Spartans, which means ensuring safety and support for all students. I support Lakeview’s ongoing efforts to forge relationships, communicate authentically, incorporate equity as a guiding principle and adopt strategies that meet the individual needs of all students.