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Trustees serve a 6 year term.

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Why do you want to serve? What in your background leads you to believe that you would be an effective board trustee at Kellogg Community College?

What are the key responsibilities of a Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees member?

How well does KCC serve the educational and work force needs of the region? What are your suggestions for improvement?

How would you rate the performance of the board and the administration?

What are the educational or performance weaknesses at the college, and what policies or changes would you advocate to address those?

What are your three overall education priorities that, in a perfect world, you would accomplish during your time in office?

Does the district do a good job of engaging the community? How might it be improved?

Professional Experience Admitted to the practice of law in 1981. Joined the judicial branch as an attorney magistrate for the 10th District Court in 1998. Currently employed by the Michigan Supreme Court as a Regional Administrator in the State Court Administrative Office.
Political Experience Elected to the Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees in 2009.
Family Husband, Mark Booth, 4 wonderful children and 3 wonderful grandchilden
I have had the honor and privilege of serving as a trustee since 2009. The College has gone through some difficult times since then, with the trustees able to come together to work through them professionally and with respect for each other's opinions. I would like to have the opportunity to build on that strong foundation and continue to work with my colleagues to have Kellogg Community College recognized as a premier institution of higher education.
The role of the Kellogg Community College (KCC) Board of Trustees is to work to represent the public in ensuring that the programs and services KCC offers meets the community needs, and to evaluate the performance of the College. The Board is committed to excellence and accountability in everything the College does, and to making its programs and services available to the widest spectrum of constituencies.* The Board is currently going through a strategic planning process that will help us further define our responsibilities.

*Excerpted from the Board's draft Mission Statement.
KCC works diligently with its community partners to meet their educational and workforce needs. We are pursuing Early College and Dual Enrollment programs with the K-12 schools. With the assistance of a generous grant from the TIFA Board, the College has completed a much-needed addition to the Regional Manufacturing Technology Center. The Center is an innovative, community-driven training center with programs that are designed to meet the needs of area businesses and industry for employee training. The College needs to continually nurture these community partner relationships so that new needs can be quickly and effectively met.
I would rate the performance of the board and administration as highly effective. Both the Board and College are currently engaged in dynamic strategic planning processes that are engaging, inclusive, and energizing, and the President's Council is playing a key role. It's great to be part of an institutional family that is genuinely interested in determining where they are, where they want/need to be, and what steps they need to take to get there. Kellogg Community College truly is a jewel in the community and I am honored to be a small part of it.
Student retention and completion is a weakness at many higher education institutions and KCC is no exception. In addition, student preparedness for entering college is an increasing problem. The Bridge is a free learning support center at the College that provides numerous education services to students, including in-person and online tutoring, success strategies, and study resources. Exploring innovative ways to expand the types of services offered by the Bridge, as well as the Support Services Department, would address both of these areas. Analysis of relevant performance metrics would also assist in meeting these challenges.
I would have every student that wants to attend KCC be able to attend, overcoming any economic, social, political, or cultural barriers he or she may have. I would have every student successfully complete his or her course of study, leading to employment or transfer to another educational institution. I would have every student learn how to be a critical thinker, effective communicator, and global citizen.
I believe the College does a good job of engaging the community, including the K-12 schools, non-profits, business, industry, and other community partners - BC Vision, Battle Creek Unlimited, Battle Creek Community Foundation, and W.K. Kellogg Foundation to name just a few. Keeping this engagement a priority will improve KCC's ability to be both learner-centered and community-focused in its decision making.
Professional Experience Graduate, Marshall High School, 1988 Graduate, Miami University, Oxford Ohio, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, 1992 Graduate, North Carolina Central University, Teacher Certification Program, 1996 Licensure, Real Estate Salesperson, State of Michigan, 1997 Licensure, Real Estate Broker, State of Michigan, 2004 Graduate, REALTOR Institute (GRI), 2003 Member, and Treasurer-Elect (President in 2019) of the Michigan REALTORS, a 25,000+ Member Statewide Trade Association Michigan REALTOR of the Year recipient in 2015. Michigan REALTOR Active in Politics Award recipient in 2005 Michigan REALTORS Public Policy Committee/Past Chair (2004) Michigan REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC)/Past Chair (2005) Michigan REALTORS, Elected District 7 Director/ Board of Directors (2009--2013) Member, Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS (BCAAR), 200 Member Local Trade Association BCAAR REALTOR of the YEAR recipient for BCAAR (2004, 2007 & 2015) Director, BCAAR Board of Directors (2000-2010, Board Secretary 2003, Treasurer 2013-Present) President, BCAAR (2005, 2008) Member, BCAAR Professional Standards Committee (2000-Present) Member, BCAAR Government Affairs Committee (1998-Present) Member, National Association of REALTORS (NAR), 1,200,000 International Trade Association NAR Realtor Party Member Involvement Committee/Serve as “Whip” for other 16 Federal Political Coordinator’s for each Member of Congress from Michigan. NAR Federal Political Coordinator--FPC (2004-Present; Constituent, grassroots liaison between Members of Congress and the National Association of REALTORS)/Current FPC for Congressman Tim Walberg, past FPC for Congressman Joe Schwarz)
Political Experience Appointed by Governor Snyder and confirmed by State of Michigan Senate to serve as 1 of 9 members of the State of Michigan Board of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons (Beginning September 2011-2015). Currently have been elected and served as Chair for 2015 and 2016. This board’s purpose is to license and regulate the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons in Michigan. Community involvement (Continued) Elected Trustee and Current Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Kellogg Community College, Battle Creek, MI (2007-Present) Member, Kellogg Community College Audit and Finance Committee. (2008-Present). Member, Kellogg Community College Foundation Board of Directors (2009-Present). Past Member and Past-Chairperson (2009-2011) of the Board of Directors of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce (2007-2013) Member, Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance—MAEDA (2011-2013; 2015-Present) Member, Marshall City Planning Commission, Chair. (2000-2005, 2010-Present), Past Chair (2003-2005; 2013-2015) Marshall City Council 1999-2003: Ward 1
Family Wife: Leigh Children at Home: Kendall (13) and Madelyn (10) Children Living on Own: Paige (27) and Husband Derek of Grosse Pointe and Hunter (21) Grandchildren: Natalie (7), Brody (5) and Sydney (2)
I am an incumbent candidate having first entered the fray as a Trustee in 2007. In the past 9 years, I have witnessed the evolution of the board from a dysfunctional, micro-managing, personal agendas driven board full of acrimony and lack of trust, to an excellent group of team members who have strong trust relationships and vision for the future of the college and education in the area. I'd like to think I have been a positive contributing factor to that change. Good governance is imperative on a board this important, and I'm committed to the board doing ongoing work to continuously and positively improve.
The job of the Board is to govern, not manage, the College and provide oversight in collaboration w/College stakeholders and the community. Key responsibilities include;

1. To follow all applicable laws, rules and to uphold statutory duties and powers as stipulated in the Michigan Community College Act 2. To be accessible/accountable to the general public as a sounding board and/or advocate 3. To be engaged in development of the College’s goals, mission, vision and values w/intended outcomes 4. To appoint the President and evaluate their effectiveness 5. To ensure that financial and personnel resources are available and allocated appropriately via a fiscally sound budgeting process.
KCC does a great job meeting the educational/work force needs of the region. College professional leadership, admin, faculty and staff have worked extremely hard to develop and maintain programs that provide value, relevance and instructional rigor to the community. We are continuously looking at effective programing to add/grow, as well as areas in need of improvement or elimination. KCC's collaboration w/other colleges and public schools is remarkable and results is excellence. Areas of improvement revolve around continually needing to find funding for successful programming, overcoming some silo-mentality, and giving ourselves permission to take calculated risks for the benefit of all.
I am prouder than ever to be a part of the KCC Board of Trustees. The group has grown tremendously and strong trust relationships are present, creating a formidable teamwork driven group of citizens, led by a very hard working, communicative and inclusive Chairperson in Steve Claywell. I would rate us as meeting and exceeding expectations with plenty of room for continuous improvement. That will bear itself out in the coming year in the form of a strategic planning/governance document that will set the parameters/expectations of board performance and conduct in the future. President Mark O'Connell has no doubt exceeded my expectations in his performance. He has been outstanding in his role.
Recruitment of students, especially diverse student populations, has been a challenge. Enrollment has dropped significantly and continues to drop, although at a much slower pace. Massive drops in enrollment make balancing the fiscal budget an ongoing challenge, which makes pay and benefit enhancements and raises difficult to give to our employees. A strategic effort to connect with key counselors and other personnel at ALL high schools in our service area is, in my view, critical for turning around declining student counts. Those key people have a large influence over what students decide to do after high school. Their familiarity and comfort w/what KCC offers is incredibly important.
1. Implementation of a successful agricultural science or agricultural business program to meet the expanding demand of agricultural economic development in Calhoun, Branch and Barry County 2. A rapid and robust expansion of the early college program (underway in the Eastern Academic Center in Albion in collaboration with Marshall Public Schools) allowing students dual enroll in college with an emphasis on obtaining an associates degree or certificate upon high school graduation. 3. Strengthening and expansion of trades/manufacturing and skilled worker training. Jobs are available, we need the students who want to be trained to step forward!
I think we do a better than adequate job. While I believe we are strong in our communication with students, potential students, their families and those paying attention to higher ed, I do see plenty room for improvement in engagement with the greater community. I would like to see us working toward more public outreach opportunities off-campus, more effective social media targeting, some surveying and most importantly, the expansion of our alumni engagement program which is in its infancy. With time, this program will vastly improve communication with stakeholders across the community.