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Grade the superintendent's overall performance. Where is he or she performing well, and where can he or she improve?

How should districts evaluate teacher performance? Do you think teachers are doing a good job?

Do teachers receive adequate compensation, support and professional development to be successful in their jobs?

Do families and community members feel welcome and respected in their school?

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Professional Experience Family Physician for 26 years Chief of Medicine at Oaklawn Hospital Chief of Staff at Oaklawn Hospital
Political Experience Member of the Marshall Board of Education from 2010 to 2016
Family Wife, Sherri, Medical Social Worker Daughter Britta, MHS Graduate 2008 Daughter Anna, MHS Graduate 2010
I have lived in this community for about 17 years, and my children have benefited from the presence of an excellent school system. I have always wanted to contribute back to the system for the sake of future students. I have already invested considerable time and effort to help make the system even better and want to continue that effort, in particular to oversee the completion of the Albion annexation process. I am a successful physician in the area and have held leadership roles within the hospital, including having served as Chief of the Medicine Section and as the Chief of the Medial Staff.
This ranges from initial activities were I was involved in the activities that my children participated in while in the school, including President of Marshall Music Boosters, to larger contributions as the leader of the Citizen’s Committee in support of the successful 30 million dollar 2010 school bond campaign which greatly improved the educational environment for our students. Finally I hve served a as School Board member for the last 6 years, where I have been an active participant in developing policy for our school and guiding the administration’s efforts at achieving and maintaining excellence
One current priority is to facilitate the smooth transition of a school district which has recently acquired a large new group of students from Albion due to the annexation. Integrating the students from these two communities into one cohesive student body has been challenging at times and requires ongoing effort.. Also, given the demands on our students who compete in a global economic environment, continued attention to academic performance is necessary, and will be achieved by providing an excellent teaching staff and a nurturing learning environment. Lastly, we as Board members are responsible for the fiscal health of the district, which is challenging in the current political climate
Dr. Davis had done an exceptional job in guiding the district through challenging times, and succeeding in growing the district and improving the educational environment of our students. He has been recognized regionally, state-wide and even nationally for his success. His greatest asset is his ability to develop a vision for a novel and improved state of the district, and his administrative skill in making it a reality. His has also demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with others regional entities.The only area identified for improvement is to have more presence in all the buildings of the district, which has been a challenge considering the many tasks that lay before him
More robust teacher evaluation has been mandated by the state, and Marshall has responded. Dr. Davis and the administrative team were very proactive in developing a teacher evaluation tool early on, elements of which were then utilized at the state level. This is administered largely by direct observation in the classroom, with other elements including parent and student input. While many of the teachers have been rated very favorably with this system, it has also been effective in identifying deficits, which the teachers can then work to remedy to become more effective in the classroom. I believe most of our teachers are very effective, and always striving to improve.
We have recently negotiated an employment contract with our teachers which was unanimously supported by the Board, and overwhelmingly by the teachers. I think that it compensates them fairly, and provides for an appropriate work environment and benefits
While I was a parent, I was always made to feel welcome in all the school buildings that my children attended. I have also heard from many parents and members of our community who feel very welcome in the schools and are eagerly participating in activities to support the students. Their contribution to the educational experience of the students is greatly valued by teachers and administrators alike.