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Partial term ending 12/31/20

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    Isabell Nazar

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Why do you want to serve? What are your qualifications?

What has your experience been with public schools, and how would that influence your work on the board?

What are your priorities for the district? Why and how did you choose those?

Grade the superintendent's overall performance. Where is he or she performing well, and where can he or she improve?

How should districts evaluate teacher performance? Do you think teachers are doing a good job?

Do teachers receive adequate compensation, support and professional development to be successful in their jobs?

Do families and community members feel welcome and respected in their school?

Home address 310 S Webster
Homer, MI
Professional Experience Educator
Political Experience None
Family Jim Nazar-husband children -Aleksandra Nazar, Joe Nazar
I am a retired teacher. I worked as a classroom teacher for Homer Community Schools for over 38 years. I've had the privilege to teach kindergarten, second grade, third grade, and sixth grade science and social studies at Homer Middle School. I have dedicated my life to public education, and I want to continue to serve students, teachers, parents and community members of Homer Community Schools. I understand public education. I understand first-hand the trials and struggles of school funding limitations, mandatory student assessments and limited rights of educators. I have the experience and skills of over two decades to contribute to making decisions that will impact Homer Community School
As I previously stated. I was an educator for over 38 years. Surprisingly, Homer’s Board of Education has never had a teacher as a member. I think it is time for that to change. Who better to understand exactly what teaching requires, than someone who has experience doing the job. My experience and knowledge of the education profession will aid in my decision making at the Board level. I understand how decisions made by the Board will directly impact students and teachers.
My top priorities are students and teachers. We must remember that our teachers’ working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. I have dedicated my life to public education, and I believe in quality education for all students. I know these two priorities should be and will be the focus of any decision I will make as a Board member.
Currently we have an interim superintendent, whom I respect very much. I think we are moving in the right direction with Mr. Scott Salow. Scott and I get along well and have a mutual respect for one another. If I am elected to the Board, we will be able to work together productively for positive outcomes for staff and students.
Teachers deserve a meaningful evaluation to help them grow and develop their craft. By mandating evaluations be done using an intricate evaluation tool the state has eliminated the possibility of a meaningful tool. We spend too much time assessing so that we can demonstrate student growth tying assessments with teacher evaluation. A test is only a snapshot that discounts any variables such as a student's home life. We need to eliminate childhood poverty to increase student performance. I do believe teachers are doing a good job with room for improvement. We need quality evaluation systems that move teachers to become the best educators they can be by providing support and resources.
Teachers are not compensated adequately. Teaching is an incredibly difficult job that takes much time an preparation after school hours and through the summer months. We need to retain quality educators and we need wages that are in line with the level of difficulty and the demands of the job. Unfortunately, quality professional development and support of teachers is often less than it should be. We should listen to teachers and provide them professional development they want and believe will be beneficial.
Yes, I believe so. As a teacher I always worked to assure my students and their families felt welcome and respected. I also believe that our interim superintendent will grow the welcoming and respectful school environment that already exists.
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