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School board members serve a 6 year term.

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Why do you want to serve? What are your qualifications?

What has your experience been with public schools, and how would that influence your work on the board?

What are your priorities for the district? Why and how did you choose those?

Grade the superintendent's overall performance. Where is he or she performing well, and where can he or she improve?

How should districts evaluate teacher performance? Do you think teachers are doing a good job?

Do teachers receive adequate compensation, support and professional development to be successful in their jobs?

Do families and community members feel welcome and respected in their school?

Professional Experience I have worked in advertising, marketing and sales since graduating from the University of Michigan Business School.
Political Experience None.
Family Married to Michael Bauer. We have three sons Mason (15), Mitchell (13), and Mark (11).
I would like the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board of Education in order to assist in ensuring that every student who attends Harper Creek Community Schools succeeds. I have served on the Harper Creek Board of Education for the past 5 and one-half years. I held the position of Secretary in 2012 and 2013 and as President from 2015 to present. I have enhanced my knowledge serving as a board member by taking classes every year offered by the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB). I have spent over 75 hours in classes with other board of education members throughout the state of Michigan. I serve on the Policy, Personnel and Harper Creek Educational Foundation committees.
I attended Harper Creek Community Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I then went on to study at The University of Michigan and graduated from the Business School. I am a product of public education and have enjoyed positive experiences within public education system throughout my educational career. My positive public education experiences help me to keep focus on our students and make sure that every student can also take away positive experiences while attending Harper Creek Community Schools.
First and foremost is Student Achievement. This is why we exist as a school district-to teach students. We want to Educate-Empower-Equip our Students for Life. Second is to provide a Safe and Nurturing Environment for everyone on our school campus. Third to maintain a Financially Sound School District. Fourth is to Attract, Hire and Retain the Best Teachers. Fifth is to meet the needs of our Students, Parents, Teachers, School Employees, and the Harper Creek community.

The board of education along with our teachers, faculty, staff, parents and community members choose these goals.
Rob Ridgeway's performance has exceeded my expectations in the areas of relationship with the board of education, personal qualities, staff relationships, business and finance, educational leadership, student/parent/teacher feedback and visibility in the district. Areas for improvement, which Rob is working on along with the board of education include community relations, especially our older and retired community members and student standardized test scores from the state.
Harper Creek uses a variety of data to evaluate teacher performance. We use in-district evaluations to track student growth during the school year and we review test scores from the state standardized test.

I know our teachers are doing an outstanding job everyday for our students who attend Harper Creek Community Schools.
At Harper Creek, the board of education is constantly working on providing resources our teachers need in order to successfully educate all of our students. I believe Harper Creek offers a very competitive compensation package for our teachers, as well as, providing support and professional development opportunities.
I believe our families and community members feel welcome and respected at Harper Creek Community Schools. Our school district is considered the "cornerstone of the community" and we want everyone to feel welcome at Harper Creek. Our families and community have great pride in our school district and this pride is showcased every time you see a person proudly wearing our Harper Creek royal blue and white school colors. Go Harper Creek. Go Blue!
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Professional Experience Over 36 years in public education
Political Experience 6 years as a member of the Harper Creek Community School Board
Family Married with 2 grown daughters and 2 grand children
I have had a great career in public education. My reason for serving is to give back to the school district that hired me and gave me the professional development to do what is best for all students.

I have earned a teaching certificate, principal certification, superintendent certification, and school board certification.
I have a total of 45 years working in education. I have over 20 years as a classroom teacher, 3 years as a building administrator, 6 years as a public school superintendent , and 6 years as a school board member. I have earned my school board certification and awards for the work I have done with the school board.
Our first priority as board members is to educate, equip, and empower students for life. All of our decisions should support this vision. The second priority for the board is to make financial sound decisions. Third, the board needs to make decisions that improve education for all students. Educate, equip, and empower students for life is our main focus. Board members should be basing their decisions on what is best for all students in the district. Keeping the district’s budget balanced protects the district from going in deficit. Deficit school districts do not have the funds for educating their students. The board needs to support professional development for all staff.
Our superintendent has been evaluated as being effective to highly effective. Areas that he has been highly effective in but needs to continue working on are board communication, school budget, and educating all students. Professional development is important for superintendents as well as school board members.
Principal’s main job is to evaluate the effectiveness of a teachers’ instruction. It is the superintendent’s job to make sure the principals are evaluating teachers. Finally it is the board’s job to make sure the superintendent is working with the principals to provide the proper support for instruction.
Overall our teachers are doing good work with our students.. In this economy, teachers receive a fair wage but very few educators receive the compensation they deserve for all that they do for our children.
One of the goals the board of education is to invite families and community members to come to board meetings. The board agenda for has two opportunities for community members to address the board. Our staff encourage volunteers to help educate our students.
Professional Experience 2012 to present PROFESSOR Davenport University 07/2006 - Present SUPERVISORY Management Analyst, GS-0301-14 Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency 03/2002 - 12/2005 DIRECTOR OF THE FOSTER GRANDPARENT PROGRAM of SOUTHWEST MI Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan
Political Experience I am not a politician!
Family I have two elementary school children in this didtrict. Some of the experiences have been very good, others maybe not so much. My husband grew up here and currently is one of the freshman football teams coaches. The dedication that he has to this community is something that has grown on me. I think that Harper Creek is a wonderful community and school district! I simply want to do whatever i can to assist with the younger generation and the future they will face.
I want to serve for several reasons. First and foremost I serve my famlly, Secondly I serve our men and women in uniform and they know that what I do matters. Third, I would love to serve the school district! It is time to get back to basics. Our children are our future! It is important for them to understand how and why they need learn to take care of themselves. I have seen so many individuals unable to take care of themselves, find the discipline to complete goals, and make good decisions. Now of course, I am not speaking about everyone. But I know there is always room for improvement for everyone. "Even Us" My career has offered the art of comprimise, listening, & communication.
Unfortunately growing up my school experience was not always the best. I dealt with bullying, I had some bad teachers. But i also had those memorabl teachers who really made all the difference. As a parent, we have had great experiences with some teachers and some that maybe there were personality conflicts. I learned very early how to be professional, disagree politely, and how to help people see both sides of the coin. Perception varies from person to person, but for every person, perception is also their reality. One thing I truly believe is that the teachers are losing the power to effectively teach a class. I see more and more teachers leaving to do anything else! Why is that?
Priorities for the district are the children and their ability to self sustain, Supporting our teachers in their needs to meet the requirements it takes to make these children successful. I want to know that my children have the best chance they can at becoming successful, respectful, accountable individuals. I have seen a teacher stand and take the disrespect of a child in the classroom. And seen her attempt to continue on with her lesson. When the same child continued to to disrupt the class ruining the lesson for everyone with out concicequence. Our teachers have a very hard job. But a lot of families do also. But there has to be a middle ground. I don't have all the answers! Who does!
Everyone has room for improvement. I believe the superintendant truly cares for our children and wants to do the right thing. But he needs support too. With the amount of laws, requirements, and limitations that our public schools face in this day and age. I believe everyone is trying to do the best they can.
Every district has different challenges so I would say i guess it depends on what your looking at. I don't think I can answer in 700 characters. Some get discouraged as would anyone. But most never give up!
To be blunt NO! They need extreme help. But our teachers give it everything they got!! .
I would hope so. The thing that I think is the hardest is those who have forgotten that it is a two way street. Teachers appreciate your help and involvement. No Doubt about it. But they are the professionals and sometimes it can be hard to remember that. Being a parent myself it is very difficult to hear anything negeative about your own child. Some take this better than others. But I believe most teachers are looking for ways that both parties can deal with various situations and feel good about it. But it is a natural response to get defensive. All these answers are limited. Bottom Line is we can always find better ways to prepare our children!