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Williamston school board four-year term

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    Sarah Belanger

  • Christopher Lewis

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Why are you running for school board? Please mention any experience or background that makes you particularly qualified to serve.

What are the three biggest issues facing your district and how do you propose to address them? Which issue is your top priority?

If budget cuts become necessary during your term, what would you be willing to sacrifice?

If necessary to meet budget constraints, would you support closing a school building?

Are you satisfied with the academic achievement in your district? Why or why not?

Are you satisfied with the facilities in your district? Why or why not?

Are you satisfied with the performance of your superintendent? Why or why not?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? If not, please explain.

Hometown Williamston, MI
Education M.A. Child Development Michigan State University B.A.A. Major in Child Development Concentration in Early Childhood Development Minor in Political Science Central Michigan University
Family I am married to my high school sweetheart, Andrew Belanger, since July 2009. Together we have four year old twin boys and a two year old daughter.
I have chosen to run for Williamston Community School Board because I have three young children that will be fourth generation students attending Williamston Community Schools. As a former graduate, I want to keep Williamston Community Schools in the forefront of technology and educational opportunities. I want my children, as well as others in the community, to have the same opportunities (if not more!) that Williamston Community Schools gave to me. I have an educational background in child development and political science and for over a decade I have worked in the early childhood field to help ensure that young children are reaching individual milestones and goals.
When students leave a small district such as Williamston Community Schools funding is lost and it is crucial that we maintain enrollment from preschool until graduation. Along with keeping student retention as a high priority it is also important to ensure that all students are on a successful path to graduation. This includes high test scores along with administrators and teachers looking at each individual student and setting goals that are attainable for that student. Student retention and high levels of success in academics are hard to attain if the buildings are not functioning or maintained. The day to day operations of a building is fundamentally important to success for everyone.
Williamston Community School’s has a finance committee that is set in place to ensure that money is being distributed for everyday expenses and sets money aside for down the road expenses. The finance committee would meet and make recommendations to the rest of the board for discussion. Williamston Community Schools has not cut important programs (i.e., music, art, or athletics) in order to meet their budget. I find this to be a high priority to maintain as a board member.
Williamston Community Schools is one of the best in the state of Michigan for high test scores and teacher retention. In order for Williamston Community Schools to close a building we would have to be in a huge financial deficit. Our enrollment would need to plummet and based on current enrollment being on an upswing I do not see this in our near future.
Personally I believe that administrators and teachers should always be striving to raise grades and test scores for their students. I believe Williamston Community Schools has the willpower and resources set in place to achieve the high standards that they have set and have individual goals in place for all students to achieve their highest potential. Looking at standardized test scores, such as M-Step, administrators and teachers have indicated where improvements can be made and set personal goals for children to make those improvements.
Being a graduate of Williamston Community Schools and been through the schools numerous times since, I am very happy with how all the schools appear to look (i.e., very clean and upgrades being made). However, improvements can always be made and I would be eager to do a walkthrough of our buildings and interested to read a report on the condition of our facilities to ensure that they are running at the best that they can be.
The position of superintendent is a very challenging and difficult one. Those two factors may be why the average superintendent holds this position for only two years. Williamston Community Schools has employed the current superintendent since 2010 and before that she was assistant superintendent and before that an educator in the district. This speaks to how the district recognizes and acknowledges a high work ethic and rewards those individuals.
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