Lansing School Board Board Member Partial Term, 2016

Lansing school board partial term

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  • Undra M. III Brown

  • Nino Rodriguez

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What are your thoughts on how the district is handling its facilities plan?

What would you do with the high schools? Build new, renovate, other?

Is enough being done to address academic achievement problems in the district?

Is enough being done to address safety concerns in and around school buildings?

Do you believe the current superintendent is doing a good job?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? If not, please explain.

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Professional Experience Instructor at Aquinas College (Grand Rapids). Counselor, Assistant Principal for Discipline and Curriculum, Middle School Principal, Director of Student Services, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, and Deputy Superintendent for the Lansing School District. Assistant Spanish Instructor at Michigan State University, Assistant Director at Julian Samora Research Institute at MSU.
Political Experience Lansing City Council Member for 8 months, and 7 years on the Lansing School Board of Education.
The District has created two committees that are refining the facility plan. Three School Board Members are part of these committees and they report to the whole Board. It is a very transparent mechanism and the District will periodically inform the community. We cannot forget that the bond will implement the Lansing Pathway Promise Program, which is the foundation of this very important bond proposal. The Superintendent indicated that the bond includes upgrades to nearly all of our school facilities and aligns schools with themed programs that connect students with their passion and pathway for learning. This plan guides our students toward career and college readiness.
The plan for high schools was presented to the Lansing community in the bond proposal. The plan is to have three high schools to accommodate Lansing Pathway Promise. The bond investments would enable comprehensive education as well as specialized pathways at each of the high schools. The community supports this plan. We cannot deviate from this plan at the present time and I am in favor of this plan.
Lansing School District is committed to deliver a quality education for career and college readiness. The District is working on improving all students academic achievement by implementing Lansing School District Pathway Promise. This Pathway will provide learning opportunities for our students' and I hope that this will improve student academic achievement. The staff at LSD has received great training and development in using the best instructional practices. Parents and the community are involved in supporting students and promoting academic achievement.
We need to continue working for the safety in and around our schools. School climate has been one of my objectives since I have been a Board Member. I believe that schools that practice good manners, create an environment of respect, hard work, responsibility, love, and happiness will be a safe school. This year we have created a Office for School Culture, this office will be implement what I mentioned previously.
I think the Superintendent is doing a fantastic job for our students and our community. She has created a District with structure, which was needed. In the future, she will continue improving this structure that will deliver academic benefits for our students and their families.
Yes, I am current in all tax obligations. The rest is not applicable.