Lansing Community College Trustee Partial Term

Lansing Community College trustee partial term

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  • Larry Meyer

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What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Has the board done enough to keep tuition affordable? Please explain your response.

Do you believe LCC has a good working relationship with the city of Lansing? Please explain your response.

What would you do to continue or improve this relationship? Please explain your response.

Do you support LCC’s initiative to acquire property around the downtown campus? Please explain your response.

Does LCC achieve the proper balance between academic college-track programs and vocational/job-training programs? Please explain your response.

Has LCC done enough to address student parking issues? Please explain your response.

Does LCC have enough full time faculty? Please explain your response.

Are LCC’s remedial math and reading programs appropriate? Please explain your response.

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? If not, please explain.

Hometown Fenton, Whiteside County, Ill (Birth) reside: Bath Township, Clinton County, Haslett School District
Education BA North Central College MBA, Northwood University
Family Married 4 grown children 8 grand children
Professional Experience CEO, Michigan Retialers Assn. Director, MIchigan Dept. of Commerce
Political Experience Council Member, City of Lansing, Member, Lansing Community College Board of Trustees, past Chair
Well, I have had six year of experience on the Board and the College has made notable progress.
I do not vote in favor of the $11.00 increase this past year although I did see merit in the proposal. I thought a gradually approach would have been better. I was willing vote for a $8.00 increase. Both of these proposals were above the rate of inflation! We need to be ever vigilant in watching our expenses.
I do. And I would work hard to continue that relationship. The Mayor as well as Council Members has visited the campus many times.
All members of the Council have been invited to the campus and most have seen and heard ,first hand, what we are about. We will continue this dialog and they are alway welcome and we wil accommodate.
Yes, we are land locked. If land is available and fits our strategic objective we should acquire. We don't buy just to buy. It must have a strategic purpose.
I don't know--BUT we work very hard a achieving that objective. Just look at our revamping of the aviation program! And our modern manufacture facility. Our welding program leads to a well paying JOB. The are many more and we need to do more, that is why we have robust R and D effort about this issue.
Yes, but just like me they like to be as "close to the store" as possible. Well not everyone can be right next to the "store". We try very hard to make sure everyone has a spot and can get to class on time. I personally encourage bike travel (in proper weather), we have many racks and repair stations (air etc) also taking the bus. We work closely with CATA and Clinton Country transit systems.
We probable have the right balance but this is always a matter of discussion in academic circles. Adjunct professors bring a lot to the educational experience with varied backgrounds and expertise.
We need to align the K-12 system to have students come to us college ready. We are working with the K-12 district to reach this goal. It is our 3CR (college and career ready) initiative. If a student comes to us needing more math and reading skills, it sometimes is a hill to hard to climb. Operation 100% seeks to have all student succeed! I totallyi support this effort.