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Williamstown Township Trustee

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What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Do you support raising taxes as a way to pay for road improvements? Yes or no, please explain.

Are you comfortable with the structure and scope of local government? Yes or no, please explain.

Related to government structure, what would you change?

What are the three most important issues facing the city/township and how would you address them?

As property tax revenue and state aid decline, is it appropriate for the county to assume a larger role in providing services to city/township residents? Yes or no, please explain.

What city services do you consider most vital?

What city/township services are least vital and can be trimmed to lower expenses?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? Yes or no. If no, please explain.

Hometown Williamston
Education BA in Communications Franciscan University
Family My wife Mary Ann and I have four children.
Professional Experience I have worked at a local insurance company for 11 years.
Political Experience I have served as a Republican precinct delegate in Ingham County for the past four years.
I spent three years serving on the Ingham County Parks and Recreation Commission. While on the board I was a member of the budget committee responsible for ensuring that the parks department worked within its $2 million dollar budget. Our township is in need of a balanced budget. That will be my primary focus.
No. The township needs to work with its current revenue and make adjustments in budgetary spending to make additional available for road spending. Likewise, I don't support draining the township rainy day fund to pay for roads.
I believe that the Williamstown Township board should renew its focus on providing essential public services. Monetary resources should be used for primarily for roads and public safety.
I believe that the full township board should have a larger roll in the approval process for all township board appointments. Appointed township boards help construct policies relating to a variety of township interests. As a result, I believe that it is important that the elected township leaders are included when appointments are made. I would recommend implementing an application and interview process to ensure all appointees are properly qualified.
1. Reigning in overspending through the reallocation of resources. 2. Maintaining the townships rural feel by actively managing new development. 3. Ensuring transparency in township activities by making sure meeting agendas and minutes are posted online in a timely manner for public review.
I believe that families move to townships with the understanding that lower tax rates mean less government-provided services. Williamstown Township is no different. If less revenue is flowing in, the township board needs to adjust the budget accordingly.
The township should focus on providing essential public services, including the funding of police, fire and ambulance services and road repairs.
Williamstown Township elected officials currently receive health and pension benefits, which I believe is unnecessary. Township officials work part time and don't require benefits.

If elected, I will advocate for budget cuts and I will start with the top by working to eliminate spending for benefits for elected officials.

I believe the township could also find savings in its annual spending on lawsuits and litigation against its residents. The annual township budget item in recent years has reached $50,000. I would advocate cutting that amount in half.
Hometown Williamstown Township, Michigan
Education PhD in Mathematical Statistics from Michigan State University
Family Husband George E Eyster, VMD Son Mark Eyster, Att. Daughter Sandra Lee Eyster, PhD
Professional Experience Research Associate MSU College of Human Medicine 12 years and Chief Statistical Services Section, Michigan Department of Community Health 23 Years
Political Experience Williamstown Township Treasurer 6 years and Township Trustee 4 years with 5 years serving on the Roads Committee, 5 years on the Cemetery Committee, plus 2 years on the Planning Commission. Also, Treasurer Board of Education, Williamston Community Schools 16 years
Through various Township committees and elected offices, I have extensive experience in most areas of Township government. As Treasurer I was involved in budgeting and monitoring revenue and expenditures. I preformed many of the Township Clerk's duties while he was critically ill, As Planning Commissioner I gained insight into preserving resident's property rights through common sense zoning regulations. While on the Cemetery Committee we created management plans to extend the life of our Cemeteries for the next 50 years. By serving on the Road Committee, I have been involved in developing plans for preserving our County local roads and have fought to obtain more county funds for our road
Yes, if there is Township resident support and it is approved by our voters. The State funding for roads is increasing after many years of discussion. The County funding we are expected to receive for resurfacing our County local roads will increase from the current $30,000 to $60,000 in 2022. This is inadequate resources for good maintenance of our 51 miles of County local road.
Yes. We are a General Law Township and should keep this status. We conduct the legal responsibilities of assessing property, collecting taxes and holding elections. For the larger responsibility of public safety such as police protection, fire and emergency response, we combine our efforts with surrounding communities. Additional local services the Township provides are those that OUR citizens have requested and use.
Nothing. First, I do not support changing our government structure to a Charter Township structure. Second, we are a General Law Township led by a hard working very active Township Supervisor. I do not support the General Law Township model where the Clerk runs the township and the Supervisor’s position is minimally active and more ceremonial.
1. Public safety services must be defended. Our Township provides public safety services by combining with other adjacent communities. A common millage supports NEISA's fire and ambulance services. A Township assessment supports police services, but future Township Board could eliminate the police services. It must be defended! 2. Fiscal responsibility: We must tightly control Township spending on legally required and citizen requested services to insure the Township is fiscally sound, does not have to borrow to provide services and has no long term legacy costs.. 3. Township character: Maintain the Township character through common sense zoning that protects resident's property rights.
No. The legally required services such as assessing, collecting taxes and running elections should remain at the level of government closest to the people. Townships can provide these services for less cost than the Counties can. If the services are assumed by the County the funds required by the County to provide them would have to be provided by the Williamstown Township residents. Other services needed by the residents can be provided by local jurisdictions through partnership with other similar jurisdictions.
Public safety services are the most vital services in Williamstown Township. Fire, police and emergency services by near by Departments that can respond quickly are vital to our residents.
Each non-mandatory service provided to the residents are carefully considered by the Township Board before they are initiated to insure that allt resident can benefit from them. Their initial costs and reoccurring costs are considered before implementation. For both mandatory and non-mandatory service, how the services are provided is continuously evaluated to identify more efficient, less costly and more consumer friendly way to do them. Small changes in all services result in lower Township expenses.
Hometown Williamstown Township, MI
Education Degrees in Geology and in Physics from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Family Married with 3 sons
Professional Experience Geoforensics, Inc. - 18 years (President & Forensic Geologist); STS Consultants - 6 years; State of Michigan - DNR/DEQ 20 years
Political Experience Williamstown Twp. Trustee; Williamstown Twp. Planning Commissioner & Chairman
Campaign Website http://None
Experience as a Williamstown Township Trustee - 6 years; Experience as a Township Planning Commissioner & Planning Chairman - 18 years; Township resident for 40 years; Expertise as a geologist and as an environmental specialist; Practical knowledge and experience as a township trustee
In my position as a Township Trustee I do not support raising Township taxes for roads, but I do support receiving increased revenue from the County and state for use to improve the roads for which our Township is responsible. If that means raising taxes for roads, then I am in favor of a county or state tax increase. In the interim, to help supplement a shortfall in funding the Township received from Ingham County and from the state, I have supported using excess budgeted funds for improving roads for which our Township is responsible. We cannot continue ignoring our crumbling infrastructure! Good roads are economically important for our citizens, township, county, and state!
Yes. It is working, except for the lack of funding the Township receives from the higher levels of government.
I would encourage more sharing of resources with other units of government, as we do now with fire (NIESA, fire and ambulance) and police protection (Meridian Police services). As a township, we currently are sharing resources and cost-effectively providing a higher level and quality of protection at a very minimal cost.
(1) Police Services: As a current Township Trustee, I have and will continue to support contracting police protection. Currently, we contract with and receive police services from Meridian Township - the county sheriff could not provide timely and reliable protection for a 911 call. (2) Development: Controlled development is important to maintaining property values and assuring new developments blend in with the character of our township. I will work to maintain the character of our Township. (3) Roads: I will pursue the Michigan Townships Association to pressure higher levels of government to allocate more funding to townships for road repairs.
No, Ingham County priorities are not always the same as our Township priorities. I support increasing state aid to townships. If that means increasing state taxes, so be it! Government cannot provide services the public expects without adequate funding.
Police and Fire protection
Williamstown Township has trimmed our services to the point we still maintain adequate, quality services to our residents at minimal cost to the residents.
Hometown Fowlerville Michigan
Education Associates Degree, Lansing Community College. Ongoing Realtor Education. Annual Real Estate license continuing education.
Family Married 33 years, 3 grown children. 2 grand children
Professional Experience Self Employed since 1974. Real Estate Broker since 1977.
Political Experience A sage, Mark Twain?, compared political experience to prostitution, whereas experience is not necessarily always a good thing.
Business experience with budget forecasting so that township residents tax monies are wisely spent as needed, not just because funds are available. Current incumbents seem to find ways of spending township funds on unnecessary items. Some endeavors the township board should stay out of completely such as financing internet services. There are plenty of alternative ways for the public to obtain internet access than for the Township to be involved.
Not as a first choice. Again, examination of the budget and current spending should reveal other areas of township spending that can be adjusted.
No. The township government has created several committees that other townships function well without. The township Board is supposed to take care of matters concerning the township, not pass it off to a committee, creating more bureaucracy.
Keeping the township board focused on what a township is organized by statute to do, instead of creating more committees.
Excessive spending, very limited office hours and condition of the roads. Spending can be reviewed and adjusted. Office hours for the convenience of the public can be expanded to five days a week and evening hours, similar to the Secretary of State Prioritizing with the Road Commission those roads that need attention
That question and a subsequent answer depends on what service(s) that the county is going to provide. The expansion of the county government is normally quite inefficient in delivering services locally to township residents.
Fire and ambulance, which are very well provided by Northeast Ingham Emergency Services Administration, primarily volunteers.
The Township has taken over the issuance of burning permits. This should be under the direction and control of the local fire department, NEIESA.
Hometown Cincinnati, Ohio
Education University of Missouri BBA Business Management
Family 3 Daughters 8 Grandchildren
Professional Experience Owner of Enviro-Tek Resources 36 years. Residential, Commercial and Environmental property Inspection Company.
Political Experience Williamstown Township Trustee10 yrs. Township Planning Commissioner--1 yr. Township Assessing Review--4 years Township Cable Commissioner--22 years
Campaign Website
Ten years in office as a Williamstown Township Trustee has given me a unique perspective on what Williamstown residents want and need from their Township Government.

We must find a road solution that benefits all residents.

I fully support the Township Master Plan which outlines the goals of the township including protection from urban sprawl and preservation of the quality of life which makes Williamstown a great place to live.

I support maintaining and improving the quality of public safety provided by the Meridian Township Police Department.

I believe that we must work with our neighboring municipalities to provide mutual benefits and services for our communities and our residents.
No, I don't. I am not in favor of raising taxes at all.

Currently, The Township provides matching funds to the Ingham County Road Commission to manage some our critical road repairs. In addition, 50% of our General Fund over $1M each year is used for road repair. Our goal is to rotate and repair township roads on a every seven year schedule and we currently are trying to incorporate subdivision road repairs on an expanded similar schedule.
Yes, I am.

I am privileged to work with a group of individuals that are knowledgeable and totally committed to the support and betterment of Williamstown Township and it's residents. The knowledge and experience that each member brings to the Township Board is very exciting and gratifying in its entirety because there is an absence of any personal agenda.

We constructively concentrate as a group on each and every issue facing the township and it's residents and search (again constructively) for viable options

The Township Board functions well under our new Supervisor, Wanda Bloomquist, who has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the complexities of township operation.

Williamstown Township has a good government structure. We are fiscally responsible. We have a healthy general fund. We have no long term debt. Our bills are paid on time. The township Board works well together. We have no personal agendas.

I would change nothing. "If it ain.t broke, don't fix it."
The Township is very actively searching for additional options to repair our road system. These options would include use of existing funds by more efficiently managing our general expenses. We must find a solutions that benefits all residents.

We are exploring options to have permanent recycling for the township residents.

We wish to expand recreational activities at the township park and also to complete a river trail connecting the City of Williamston and Meridian Township
Municipalities are all having problems providing services to residents. The County is no exception and it does provide many services to our residents. I believe that the County is presently at the limit for services and is unable to do more. It is the Township's responsibility to fill any gaps remaining
1. Maintaining and improving the Township road system.

2. Improving recreational opportunities by managing our park efficiently and by expanding benefits the park offers the community.

3. Improving recycling opportunities within the Township