County Commissioner (Ingham County / 3Rd District) - 2 Year Term - Vote For Not More Than 1

County Commissioner (Ingham County / 3Rd District) - 2 Year Term - Vote For Not More Than 1

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What makes you more qualified than other candidates for this office?

Should the county spend more on parks? Yes or no, please explain.

Is the quality of county roads acceptable? Yes or no, please explain.

Do you support raising taxes as a way to pay for road improvements? Yes or no, please explain.

Are you comfortable with the structure and scope of county government? Yes or no, please explain.

To promote efficiency and lower costs should the role of county government expand and the role of city and township government shrink? Yes or no, please explain.

Related to government structure, what would you change?

What are the three most important issues facing the county and how would you address them?

As property tax revenue and state aid decline, is it appropriate for the county to assume a larger role in providing services to county residents? Yes or no, please explain.

What county services do you consider most vital?

What county services are least vital and can be trimmed to lower expenses?

Are you current in all tax, alimony and child support obligations? Yes or no. If no, please explain.

The county now levies seven special millages for issues such as healthcare, juvenile services, the zoo and parks and trails. A new millage is proposed for animal control services, and discussions are underway for a new jail, which could result in a millage. What is your position on the taxation level for services in Ingham County? Which millages would you propose eliminating? Would you support new millages, and if so, for what services?

Hometown Lansing, MI
Education Western Michigan University, MPA Central Michigan University, BS Everett High School
I am seeking my third term as Ingham County Commissioner for District 3 on Lansing’s Southside. Since

being elected to the county commission in 2012, I have served on the Human Services and Law & Courts

Committees and have chaired the Finance Committee and the Democratic Caucus. This year, I am

honored to serve as the Vice Chair of the Board. In addition to my experience on the commission, I

worked for 4 years as the legislative aide to former State Representative Joan Bauer. This provided me

with experience in understanding the needs and expectations of Lansing residents.
Public parks are valuable assets to residents throughout the community. Parks such as Potter Park and

Hawk Island (county parks located on Lansing’s Southside) have created a higher quality of life for

residents across the region. With that in mind, I believe that we must always be respectful with how we

use taxpayer dollars. I am a strong supporter of funding our parks with a mix of public and private

sources of revenue.
No. Michigan’s roads are in desperate need of repair. Because the primary portion of the county’s road

funding comes from state funding, it is very disappointing that the Republican controlled state

government has been so woefully inadequate in coming up with a real solution to fixing this problem.

At the county level, we will continue to utilize the revenue we do have for road funding to ensure safety

for our residents.
Ingham County residents deserve better roads. The state legislature is the primary entity that creates

public policy to fund road improvements. The Republican state legislature and the Republican Governor

have failed to create public policy that fixes Michigan’s crumbling roads and infrastructure. I think they

should do their job and find a road funding solution for all of Michigan. While I am not opposed to

increasing revenue to ensure safe roads for our residents, I would have to weigh a specific proposal and

what it means for our county’s residents.
I am comfortable with the current structure and scope of county government. While there is always

room for improvement, I believe the structure provides checks and balances, accountability, and the

ability to serve as a regional partner with multiple municipalities.
All government entities should look at ways to best serve residents. The county is in a unique position to

take a “50,000 foot view” of our region to assess where there are gaps in services and areas of

duplication. On the commission, I have looked for ways to work closely with cities and townships to

streamline services for residents.
All levels and aspects of government must work to ensure it is providing the level of service citizens

expect and deserve. I believe we need to constantly reflect and assess whether the County’s current

structure is conductive to providing residents with the highest level of service. This reflection should

result in a streamlined and efficient government for county residents.
Jobs and the economy is a major priority. We have many great employers in the county and a top-notch workforce. The County must continue to work with employers to provide business support that will help these companies expand or locate in Ingham County while also support employee-friendly policies to ensure a living wage. Public safety is very important to our community. I have worked to encourage deeper collaboration and coordination between city and County law enforcement in order to fight crime. A key part of this effort has been increasing dialogue with law enforcement and leaders. Finally, investing in local infrastructure (including roads) is critical for county residents.
With the decline of state funding and property tax revenue, the County has had to make very difficult

decisions. We have worked to balance the needs of our citizens while also living within tight budgetary

restrictions. It is critically important that the state fulfill its obligation to our citizens but the County will

continue to do more with less in order to meeting the growing needs our county residents.
I have and will continue to fight for county services that assist our community’s senior citizens, children

and our most vulnerable residents. The services provided by our County, including services through our

Sheriff’s Department and Health Department, are key to ensure our residents’ health, safety, and quality

of life.
I believe the County has been diligent in trimming and/or eliminating services that have not shown their

intended impact.
We need to be mindful of the special millages that are being assessed on county residents but I am

comfortable with the current taxation level for services in Ingham County. The millages currently fund

initiatives supported by a majority of county residents as evident by their adoption by a vote of the

people. I do believe we must diligently monitor the implementation and amount of specific millages. We

need to ensure that millage assessments are proposed at the level needed to accomplish the mission of

the millage. If funding levels exceed the needed amount there should be serious consideration to

decreasing the millage rate.
Hometown Lansing
Education Davenport College General Business Course(64 hrs.)
Professional Experience SOM Treasury 16 yrs Kalamazoo District Office & SOM Treasury Lansing Receipts Processing 16 yrs.
Political Experience 6 years Precinct Delegate, 6 years 8th District Committee, 8 years Ingham Co. Rep. Party. & 6 years Mid MI Rep. Women
I have common sense and that is needed to make the right decisions. I am also a former State Treasury Employee and have worked in Receipts Processing for 16 years which handles the deposit for all branches of the State of Michigan. I have also balanced different accounts before processing. I also have 16 years working in Kalamazoo District Office working with the public doing taxes, payroll, daily deposit, collections and answering phones.
No, Parks should be handled by the DNR or the local level of government because they both have budgets. It should not be the Counties responsibility to use their funds for inter city areas. We should handle the outlaying areas only.
No, We should use the money used for trails for the repaving of roads. Michigan has the worst roads in the country. Also, people need to have better roads for traveling. That way they can get places and not have to worry about potholes which make damages to your vehicles.
No, Our taxes are high enough already! What needs to be done is to lower the weight allowed per truck and not go by each of the rigs weight. By doing that the roads will last longer.
Candidate did not provide a response.
Yes, because cities and townships are parts of the counties. All monies given by the state should be divided by populations of counties. Then the counties should figure out a budget.
Duplicated services. Starting with the Federal level. Give monies to the States so they can do better at the State levels like health,education, welfare, do away with the EPA, and make IRS taxes done on postcards with no deductions and pay a percent on wages.
1. Reduce the size of Government because this is overlapped by each agency starting with the Federal Government. 2. Stop unnecessary spending stop wasting taxpayer money. 3. Fix roads first, not build trails.
No, as stated above services should not be duplicated. If service is provided at the Federal or State level the County should not provide services unless funds are provided by the State or Federal governments.
1. Roads-keep the roads in good condition so citizens can appreciate traveling and not have to worry about any damages to vehicles. 2. 911 emergency service.
1. Trails 2. Duplicated services given at the Federal or State level.
Yes, I had to be sure that all my taxes were paid on time being a Treasury Employee. I only have to pay taxes. Alimony and child support do not apply because I do not have children and my husband is deceased.
The only thing that needs to be increased is the 911 because it handles life and death situations. As far as the jail you can combine the two jails and use the one in town for city juveniles. And the county for overflow of the cities worst criminals and the county. Animal control can be combined with other counties because some counties do not have as many animals as larger cities and we can use some of their unused spaces for the overflow of animals. The parks, zoos and trails can be handled partially by the DNR. Healthcare should be handled by the State. Not the county level. The State should divide the amount of dollars by each counties population.