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Biographical Information

List all courts and agencies in which you are currently admitted to practice.

Describe your previous legal experience, listing the names of your previous employers and any areas of the law in which you specialize. What percentage of your practice is civil? Criminal?

How often do you to appear before the court to which you seek election?

Describe your three most recent trials/cases and list the names of the presiding judge and opposing counsel in each.

Describe any pro bono legal services you have provided in the last 5 years.

Have you ever been admonished, reprimanded, suspended or otherwise disciplined by attorney or judicial disciplinary authorities in Michigan or any other jurisdiction? If yes, provide details.

Please list organizations or political action committees that have endorsed your candidacy or asked their members to donate to your campaign.

What factors would you consider in deciding what sentence to hand down in a criminal case?

If you observed a party in your courtroom being poorly represented by counsel, how would you address the situation?

Under what circumstances, if any, would you feel obligated to disclose to opposing counsel that a lawyer appearing before you had donated to your election campaign?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

City of residence Livonia
Age 33
Military service none
Degrees earned Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctorate
Vehicles owned Ford Flex Ford Fusion
Race/ethnicity caucasion
Current occupation Attorney
State of Michigan U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan
I am an attorney at the law firm of Fausone Bohn, LLP, in Northville, Michigan. I have worked with the firm for the past 10 years. I litigate cases in the Wayne County Circuit Court with a high-volume caseload of complex domestic relations matters and a focus on adoptions and multi-jurisdictional custody matters. Additionally, I am an assistant city attorney for the communities of Westland and Wayne and represent the cities in various aspects from their prosecution of criminal misdemeanor matters to defense of complex class action lawsuits. I have also handled a variety of criminal defense work including public defender appointments. 70% of my practice is civil and 30% is criminal.
I appear before the 3rd Circuit Court approximately 3-4 times per week, sometimes 5.
I currently have 42 pending litigation cases. 3 of my largest include the following:

1. An multi-jurisdictional custody action wherein the opposing party absconded to India with minor child. The case is also pending in the highest court of India. In the 3rd Circuit Court, my client has been awarded sole legal and physical custody of his daughter who remains abroad. Judge: Charles Hegarty Opposing Counsel: Leslie Logan

2. A class action lawsuit against my municipal client involving water rates and other issues. Opposing counsel: Greg Hanley Judge: Daphne Means Curtis

3. Disputed custody matter involving significant emergent issues. Opposing counsel: Eugene Hunt Judge: Connie Kelley
legal services to the Wayne Legal Aid Clinic through the City of Wayne Senior Center legal consultation to residents of First Step Domestic Violence Shelter
AFSCME Council 25 Wayne County Association of Police Chiefs Wayne County Deputy Sheriffs Association Police Officers Association of Michigan Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 Right to Life of Michigan Wayne County Republican Committee Westland Police Officers Association Wayne Police Officers Association Butzel Long Political Action Committee
impact or injury on any victim(s) whether the crime involved violence whether the offender is a first time offender or repeat offender, criminal history whether offender was main offender or accessory whether the crime was committed under great personal stress whether the offender is genuinely remorseful whether the crime was related to or committed due to addiction what rehabilitative resources are available to and would benefit the offender

I would request to speak with the attorney in chambers and attempt to resolve any issues which could be resolved with the representation. I would report any egregious errors as deemed necessary.
Only in the unlikely event that I felt it would prevent me from being fair and impartial or would serve a basis for disqualification under the requisite court rules.
City of residence Redford
Age 58
Military service None
Degrees earned Juris Doctor - Cum Laude -Michigan State University, BBA - Western Michigan University
Vehicles owned Ford Taurus
Race/ethnicity Caucasion
Current occupation Attorney
Other relevant professional experience Financial Executive for 15 years prior to law practice.
Current or previous elected office None
All Michigan courts and the United States District Court - Eastern District of Michigan
I have been a sole practitioner for 20 years with a concentration in Indigent Criminal Defense. My practice is 90% criminal and 10% civil and probate. I have conducted more than 200 jury trials including more than 25 homicide trials. I am a member of the Criminal Advocacy Program Board which annually organizes training programs for attorneys seeking criminal assignments in the 3rd Circuit Court. I have conducted training programs on various topics throughout the state. I have testified before the legislature on various legal issues and am considered an expert in criminal law and indigent defense. I have been awarded the Right to Counsel award for my efforts to improve indigent defense.
On average 4-5 days per week.
People v. Dorian Turner, Hon. Timothy Kenny, APA Timothy Zilli; People v. Dontaye Brown, Hon. Margaret VanHouten, APA Danielle Hagaman; People v. Timothy Rice, Hon. Craig Strong, APA Haddy Abouzeid
Regularly provide free legal services to veterans through the charity Help for Our Disabled Troops as one of the original members of the Board of Directors.
UAW, Police Officers Association of Michigan, 12th District Democratic Party, Northville Democratic Club, Romulus Democratic Club, Southwest Wayne Democratic Club.
I would first begin with an accurate scoring of the sentencing guidelines, ensuring that all factors are properly scored. Then I would carefully read the victim impact statement and the defendant's own sentencing statement. I would look for factors that are not covered in the sentencing guidelines such as admission of guilt, financial impact on the victims and other mitigating factors. Then I would assess the likelihood of rehabilitation and then craft a sentence which would be appropriate. I believe that most people can be rehabilitated and become a productive member of society.
This is far too common of an occurrence especially in the area of indigent criminal defense. I would first approach the attorney (with the presence of opposing counsel) in chambers and inquire as to their level of preparedness. If the attorney is not known to me, I would inquire as to their experience to handle the type of case before me. If the attorney was unprepared I would give them an opportunity to remedy the situation. If they were, in my opinion, lacking the experience to handle the matter competently, I would encourage them to withdraw from the representation. If the case was an appointed criminal case I would also consider the possibility of removing them from the case.
I believe that the current reporting requirements of the Secretary of State is sufficient to advise the public of my supporters and their level of financial support. My friends who support me all understand that all they will receive for their contributions is a heartfelt thank you and fair and honest decisions from the bench.
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City of residence Livonia
Age 63
Military service N/A
Degrees earned B.A. Michigan State University J.D. University of Detroit
Vehicles owned 2012 Ford 2014 Buick
Race/ethnicity Italian
Current occupation Attorney and Professor Wayne County Community College
Other relevant professional experience I was instrumental in the expansion and formation of the Cobo hall authority. I led 7 trade missions to China before it was popular and brought in several millions of dollars in investment in SE Michigan and jobs. I have raised over $50,000 in scholarships for youth. I set up home foreclosure programs for working families, as well as mobile health units. I set up homeless shelters for the needy. I raised private funds to help the auto industry run ads during the congressional loan debate for the Detroit auto makers.
Current or previous elected office Wayne County Sheriff and Executive
State of Michigan Courts U.S. Eastern Federal District Court
Wilson, Deremo and Raymond--criminal and civil litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy and corporate business.. Bokos, Jones and Plakas--civil litigation, 312 fire and police arbitration, municipal law including 18th District prosecution as assistant city attorney. Legal Advisor PLLC--health care law, administrative hearings, corporate business, minor criminal offenses.
not recently
Having been in public service most of my professional career it is more relevant to describe legal cases I was involved in to answer this question. For example I was involved extensively in the Motion brought by Wayne County to establish the Great Lakes Water Authority in the Detroit bankruptcy case in front of Judge Rhodes. I and the other Principles were intensely included in deliberations in Judge Cox's court and resolved the Detroit water issue as an asset in the bankruptcy. I also was involved with the prosecutor's office in determining legal issues concerning the sheriff internet unit arresting child predators. The legal issues were resolved in favor of the Department by the MSC.
As CEO I initiated the second chance program that worked with people who had convictions and initiated expungement proceedings where legally possible. There was no charge to the participants for this program.
UAW Detroit Police Officers Association. Twelve District Democratic Organization. Detroit Ecumenical Ministers Alliance Other endorsement requests currently pending
I would follow the law and Court Rules---to say more is really limited by the Judicial cannon of ethics in what may be responded to by judicial candidates. This restriction I believe applies to the next two questions.
I would follow the appropriate law and court rules involving ineffective representation of counsel.
Contributions are public record and I would follow the law and court rules in any potential conflicts before the court.
City of residence Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
Age 69
Military service N/A
Degrees earned AB English, College of the Holy Cross JD, Vanderbilt University Law School
Vehicles owned GM and Jeep vehicles
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Campaign Website http://HathawayForJudge
Current occupation Attorney and Counselor, Clark Hill plc
Other relevant professional experience Selected as Neutral Arbitrator, Neutral Facilitator in Alternative Dispute Resolution processes; Advisory Member, State Bar Character & Fitness Committee; Past President, Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association; recognized by peer reviews as a leading lawyer in "Best Lawyers in America," "Michigan Super Lawyers," and "Chambers USA: Leading Individual," among others. Former Special Assistant Attorney General; contributor to Employment Discrimination Law, Schlei and Grossman, Second and Third Editions; Charter Member, American Employment Lawyers Council, past Program Chair, ABA Labor & Employment EEO Sub Committee; litigated complex cases in numerous states.
Current or previous elected office N/A
US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, US District Court for the Western District of Michigan, US Courts of Appeal for the 6th, 10th and 11th Circuits, US Supreme Court, All courts in Michigan, the EEOC, NLRB, MERC and the MDCR. Have appeared in Wage and Hour and MESC (UIA) unemployment law matters.
1972, an associate, then partner at Riley & Roumell, PC, where I engaged in a general practice of criminal, domestic relations, personal injury, business law, admiralty,and labor and employment law. I worked extensively on Bradley v Milliken, U. S. District Court Detroit school desegregation case for seven years, with multiple 6th Circuit Court of Appeals hearings, and two US Supreme Court appeals. 1988, co-founded Brady Hathaway Brady & Bretz, PC, where I continued to specialized in labor and employment law, admiralty and business law. 2007 merged the firm into Clark Hill, where I continued my specializations and stopped admiralty. Since 1988 my practice, except for pro bono, has been civil
While my practice takes me to state and federal administrative agencies (e.g., EEOC, MDCR, NLRB, MERC), as a litigator, the majority of my cases bring me to appear in the state Circuit Courts and the U,S. District Courts for litigation and trials.
- Sherif Gindy v Khalid Turaani,et al. a case by a board member alleging that defendants had breached their fiduciary duties as executives with a nonprofit. Hon. Wendy Potts, Chris M. Parfit, plaintiff attorney.

- Ramsey v Great Lakes Business Credit, LLC, a case by a former employee alleging discrimination and harrasment. Hon. Daniel Patrick O'Brien. James R. Acho, plaintiff attorney.

- Wayne County and AFSCME Council 25, Local 3317, a Sheriff's Department Act 312 Labor Arbitration in MERC regarding new collective bargaining terms and conditions. C. Barry Ott, Panel Chairman. Jamil Akhtar, attorney for AFSCME and the Local.
Recent pro bono work has included District Court criminal defense and FMLA disability issue proceedings.
Police Officers Association of Michigan, Grosse Pointe Democratic Club, Wayne County Association of Chiefs of Police, Wayne County Republican Committee, Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, Right to Life of Michigan. None have contributed to the campaign.
The pre-sentence report gives advisory guidelines for sentencing a convicted criminal, including work and prior criminal records. In addition the victim can also submit a statement, which would always be considered, along with any relevant extenuating or exacerbating circumstances.
If a lawyer was new, or exhibited behaviors demonstrating that they were not capable of the representation, I would on my own initiative ask the parties the statutory questions and make an appropriate ruling in the interests of the fair administration of justice. It would be the answers that provide the evidence, not who asks the questions.
A judge should be the guarantor of the honest administration of justice. Bias and favoritism have no place in the courtroom. While the canons do not obligate a judge to recuse himself from a matter where a lawyer has donated to a judicial campaign, if the issue is raised by a party, in an effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety and to secure the integrity of the proceeding, I would recuse myself.
City of residence Northville
Age 59
Military service None.
Degrees earned Wayne State University Law School - Detroit, Michigan Juris Doctor, June 1986 Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan Bachelor of Arts in History, June 1981
Vehicles owned 2011 Ford Focus (170,000 miles)
Race/ethnicity Caucasion
Current occupation Deputy Chief of the Juvenile Division, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office
Other relevant professional experience Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, Detroit, Michigan (March 2004 - present) As the Deputy Chief of the Juvenile Division, I supervise fifteen assistant prosecuting attorneys in Juvenile Court, and provide case oversight, as well as guidance on matters of litigation strategy and ethics. I make charging decisions regarding “specified offenses” such as homicide, armed robbery and carjacking, which includes making an adult-designation or adult waiver determination. I negotiate and authorize plea offers. I provide coverage for judge and referee courtrooms, as necessary. I provide training and advice to local police departments regarding juvenile delinquency matters. I coordinate the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office Teen Court program, a juvenile diversion program operating in six locations within Wayne County that I developed; Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan (September 2015 - December 2015) I am an adjunct lecturer teaching “Criminal Law II” to criminal justice majors; Law Office of Brian L. Morrow, Northville, Michigan (1999 - 2004) I was a sole practitioner. I concentrated my practice on criminal defense, including capital cases. Also, I represented juveniles in delinquency matters, as well as representing all parties in abuse and neglect cases; City of Detroit Law Department, Environmental Section, Detroit, Michigan (1996 - 1999) As the Supervising Assistant Corporation Counsel, I represented the City of Detroit in matters of environmental law. I supervised the Environmental Law Section of the Law Department and oversaw the handling of complex civil and criminal matters involving Superfund litigation, brownfield redevelopment, and air permitting issues; Kotz, Sangster, Wysocki and Hamling, P.C., Detroit, Michigan (1994 - 1996) As an associate attorney, my practice was primarily focused on advising corporate clients in real estate transactions, air permitting and compliance, environmental litigation and wetland issues; D. Haywood & Associates, P.C., Lansing, Michigan (1992 - 1994) As an associate attorney, I represented commercial and industrial clients in environmental litigation and regulatory matters; Seyburn, Kahn, Ginn, Bess, Deitch and Serlin, P.C (1992) As an associate attorney, I represented corporate clients in real estate transactions, air permitting and compliance issues, and environmental litigation; Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz, Detroit, Michigan (1990 - 1992) As an associate attorney, my practice concentrated on environmental litigation and regulatory matters, as well as advising corporate clients on various environmental issues, including air pollution permitting, hazardous waste remediation and environmental due diligence in real estate transactions; Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Detroit, Michigan (1986 - 1990) I was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney specially assigned to the Wayne County Department of Health, Air Pollution Control Division ("Division"). i represented the Division in a variety of criminal and civil actions to enforce federal, state and county air regulations and statutes.
Current or previous elected office Not applicable.
All Michigan State Courts (since November of 1986) U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan (since December 8, 1986) U.S. District Court, Western District of Michigan (since March 18, 1991)
Under "Other relevant professional experience" above, the names of my previous employers.are listed. I currently specialize in the prosecution of criminal/delinquency cases involving juveniles under the age of 17. Those cases can range anywhere from school truancy and incorrigibility on the low end, to first degree murder, carjacking and armed robbery on the high end. Prior to joining the Prosecutor's Office, I was a sole practitioner for approximately five years, during which I handled a range of criminal/delinquency matters, including homicides and armed robbery jury trials. Prior to starting my own practice, however, I practiced almost exclusively in the area of environmental law.
I appear in circuit court on an almost daily basis.
In re Anthony Anderson-Hawkins; Presiding Judge - Hon. Christopher Dingell; Opposing counsel - Jeffrey Schwartz; (Prosecuted the respondent in an Adult-Designated case, for the armed robbery and murder of a 23 year-old French artist in the Brewster Projects.) In re Ryan Lehmbeck; Presiding Judge - Hon. Christopher Dingell; Opposing counsel - Edward Holmberg; (Prosecuted the respondent for allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct involving a victim under the age of 13.) In re Justin Charboneau; Presiding Judge - Hon. Christopher Dingell; Opposing counsel - Hugh Marshall; (Prosecuted the respondent for allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct involving a victim between the ages of 13 and 15.)
None within the last 5 years.
Police Organizations: Police Officers Association of Michigan Wayne County Chiefs of Police

Union Support: UAW Region 1 and Region 1A

Political Action Committees: Progressive Political Action Committee

Political Organizations: 12th Congressional District Democratic Organization Grosse Pointe Democratic Club Metro Detroit Republican Women's Club Northville Democratic Club (Strong Recommendation) Southwestern Wayne County Democratic Club Spanish Speaking Democrats Westland Democratic Club

Bar Associations: Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan
In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court's decision in People v Lockridge, I would first consult the applicable guidelines range and take those guidelines into account when imposing a sentence. That being said, my experience as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney has taught me that each criminal case is different, and that each defendant should be viewed individually given the facts of the case and his/her role in committing the offense. I would consider factors such as: what role the defendant played in perpetrating the crime; whether anyone was hurt; and whether the defendant was particularly cruel to a victim; as well as how the crime had impacted the victim's life and well-being.
As a judge, I cannot substitute my professional judgment for that of client's counsel. As I would not be privy to all of the information that counsel is privy to, despite appearances to the contrary counsel's actions may be legitimate trial strategy. If a client requested me to allow him/her to discharge counsel and I agreed from all appearances that counsel was not providing proper representation, I would adjourn the matter to allow the client to get new counsel. If counsel's actions were egregious (sleeping during testimony, appearing inebriated, etc.) I would reflect my observations on the record and allow the client to request new counsel, and would report the attorney to the State Bar.
if an attorney practicing in front of me had been a supporter of my campaign, either financially or as an active volunteer, I would disclose that fact to his/her opposing counsel in every case in which the supporter appeared, so as to avoid even the appearance of impropriety or bias.
City of residence Livonia, MI
Age 60
Military service None
Degrees earned Wayne State University, School of Law, Juris Doctor Degree 1986; University of Michigan - Dearborn, BA, High Distinction, Honors 1979; Oakland Community College, AA, Summa Cum Laude 1977.
Vehicles owned 1999, Honda CRV. (I just went outside to verify the milage: 345,627.)
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Current occupation Special Assistant Attorney General
Other relevant professional experience In December 2014 I was appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect. I serve on the boards of Vista Maria, Child’s Hope and Franklin Wright Settlement. I am the co-founder of For The Seventh Generation, a charitable program providing life enrichment to disadvantaged children. This program – subsequently adopted by the DMBA Foundation in cooperation with the 3rd Judicial Circuit of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Human Services – serves as a “clearing house” to match those willing to volunteer time, talents, services or merchandise to Metropolitan Detroit’s foster children in need of support. Additional information is available at I support the Innocence Lost National Initiative, a national law enforcement project to protect exploited children.
Current or previous elected office None.
Admitted to practice before all Michigan State courts, November, 1986. State Bar Number P39321. Admitted to the Bar of the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, 1986.
For over 23 years, I have served as a Referee in the Juvenile Division of the Circuit Court for Wayne County, MI handling delinquent, abuse/neglect & adoption cases. I have adjudicated thousands of cases. Between 2006 - 2009, I served as the Chief Referee; I supervised 14 juvenile court referees & their support staff. For almost 6 years, I served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne County, MI. I routinely handled felony jury trials & bench trials. For 3 of those years, I was a special assignment prosecutor in the child abuse unit. I performed prosecutions of major offenses against children. I handled numerous high profile cases involving novel questions of law & unusual facts
As an Assistant Prosecutor for Wayne County (March 1986 to December 1991) I appeared before the criminal division of the 3rd Circuit Court. In January 1992, I began my tenure as a Referee in the Family Division - Juvenile Section of the 3rd Circuit Court. In this capacity I never “appeared” before the court, as the attorneys and litigants appeared before me. In my new position as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Attorney General, there may be opportunities in which I may find myself before the Wayne County Circuit Court.
In re Angelle Marie Dubose: AAG Lockman P16748; Counsel Inniss P61124; Counsel Young P34093; GAL Hermans P73329. In re Alyson Wonder Lamb: AAG Lockman P16748; Counsel Shillingford P46253; GAL Springs P44590. In re Derek Keiron Sullivan: AAG Lockman P16748; Counsel Dorf P22927; GAL Hermans P73329. I was the presiding jurist.
For over 23 years (1992 - 2015), I served as a judicial officer in the Family Division - Juvenile Section for the Circuit Court for Wayne County, Michigan. As a member of the judiciary, I was prohibited from and could not offer pro bono legal services. In lieu thereof, I volunteered my time and efforts (and continue to do so) to "For The Seventh Generation," a not-for-profit organization of which I am a co-founder that provides professional services and life enrichment services to disadvantaged youth in foster care ( I also assist with other programs that protect and support children.
UAW, Right to Life Of Michigan Political Action Committee, Wayne County Detectives Association, Retired Detroit Police & Fire Fighters Association, Wayne County Republican Committee, Metro Detroit Republican Woman’s Club, Republican Women’s Club of Grosse Pointe, Northville Democratic Club, Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan. No one HAS or WILL ask their members to donate to my campaign.

Sentencing must take into account both the seriousness of the crime and the record of the offender. Every case is different.
People have the right to select their own counsel, even if that counsel is incompetent or inexperienced. However, in a criminal case, the defendant has the right to effective counsel, and a judge must also protect the integrity of the process. If retained counsel was in over their head, I would appoint counsel to assist. If counsel was appointed, I would remove and replace. Every case is different, and the outcome should be determined by the facts.
In all instances I should and would disclose a major contributor, as it is essential for maintaining the integrity of the proceeding. However, I do not see the need to disclose a $100 contribution for an everyday fundraiser. In some cases, I may not even have knowledge of those who sent a check to support my campaign and/or support a not-for-profit organization or cause with which I am affiliated. As with each case, every situation is different. The overriding factor is honesty. Counsel in my courtroom should be aware of any financial relationships that exists between and among officers of the court.
City of residence Grosse Pointe Woods
Age 47
Military service None
Degrees earned Bachelor of Science Doctorate of Jurisprudence
Vehicles owned Lincoln MKC
Race/ethnicity African American
Current occupation Attorney
Other relevant professional experience Adjunct Professor Western Michigan Thomas Cooley Law School
Current or previous elected office none
Admitted to the State Bar of Michigan

Admitted to the United States District Court-Eastern District of Michigan
I have practiced both Criminal and Civil Law. I have served as chief counsel of the Juvenile Law Group of Legal Aid and Defender Association (LAD) practicing in the areas of child protection and delinquency on the trial level and appeals to the Court of Appeals. I have served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Wayne County Prosecutors Offices prosecuting both adult criminal and juvenile matters. I have served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan representing the Department of Human Services in child protection cases and appeals. I am currently deputy chief counsel at LAD providing general civil legal assistance to low income people.
While I appeared regularly in the Wayne County Third Circuit Court prior to 2013, my current practice is supervisory in nature and I rarely appear before the court at this time.
People v. Tracy Carlisle - Home Invasion 1st Degree -Judge Margaret Van Houten opposing counsel Brian Selburn People v. Latrice Gasaway-Carjacking/Armed Robbery-Judge Thomas Jackson opposing counsel Capers Harpers People v. Hakeem Noble -Armed Robbery-Judge Timothy Kenny opposing counsel Terry Price
I have volunteered through various entities to assist with expungement fairs. My current practice also includes creating opportunities for attorneys is private practice to assist low income people in general civil legal matters.
Metro Detroit AFL CIO 14th Congressional District 13th Congressional District Wayne County Democratic Black Caucus Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee Detroit Police Sergeant and Lieutenants Association Black Slate, Inc Grosse Pointe Democratic Club
I would consider several factors when determining sentencing. I would look at the crime committed and the circumstances surrounding the act, the relationship between the victim and the defendant, if any, as well as the background of the defendant as provided in the pre sentence report and any sentencing memorandum provided to the court by counsel. I would bear in mind the need for closure for the victim as well as public safety always seeking to be fair and impartial.
I would first address counsel off the record outside of the hearing of his/her client and the jury but in the presence of opposing counsel regarding the issue of inadequate representation. Should the issue continue, if the client is indigent I would seek to remove the attorney and appoint new counsel. In the event the attorney is retained, I may seek to appoint co counsel so as to ensure the rights of the client are being protected. I would also consider reporting any violations of the rules of professional responsibility to the Attorney Grievance Commission.
Given that lawyers routinely donate to judicial campaigns and the records are public I would not disclose this on every case. If, however, a conflict of interest is raised not related to campaign donations by counsel I would disclose what is already public record to prevent the appearance of impropriety.