Oakland County Commission District 17

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    David A. Cuttner

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    Nancy Quarles

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What do you think county’s three most pressing problems are, and where would you start to solve them?

Do you support the proposed millage to fund a regional transit system? Why or why not?

What, in your view, should be the county and the region’s transportation priorities?

What is your position on outfitting the county sheriff’s department with body cameras?

Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?

Has the county taken appropriate steps to prevent gun violence?

With reports showing Michigan behind on education, what role if any do you see the county taking to improve education?

What should Oakland County do to fix its aging infrastructure?

What is the county’s role in assisting financially struggling cities?

Which county-provided services need the most improvement, and what suggestions can you offer for making them better?

What are the county's biggest budgetary concerns, and how would you address them?

Where do you stand on settling refugees in Michigan, and Oakland County in particular?

What will you do to improve the lives of low-income residents in Oakland County?

What would you do to improve the county’s workforce development efforts?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

City of residence Southfield
Age 74
Family Married 3 children. 3 grandchildren
Education B.S. Michigan State University Police Administration J.D. Wayne State University
Vehicles owned 2011 Lexus
Professional Experience Administrator Detroit Police Cadet Program. Special Asst. Attorney's General. Trial Attorney for Administrative Trials in Worker's Disability Compensation and Social Security Disability.
Political Experience Precinct Delegate
Race/ethnicity Caucasian/Jewish
In my opinion, the county's three most pressing problems are: infrastructure , taxes, safety.
Yes, I support a regional transit system to allow for those who are lacking means of transportation to obtain employment outside their local area.
Maintain high quality highway's and roads.
Body cameras are a protection for both law enforcement and the public. If properly used, it will protect the County from liability and/or conversely allow for a quick resolution of claims.

I don't support use of marijuana for recreational use as I personally saw what could result while serving in Vietnam as an MP officer and Court officer for Court Marshals.
I was a former certified firearms instructor and presently teach the safe handling of firearms. Although there was a program originating from the Commissioners providing gun locks via law enforcement agencies , it did not go far enough. There must be an accompanying educational program that promotes individual responsibility in the safe handling of firearms.
I believe education is a local issue not mandated by the federal government. The county should work closely with the individual districts to enhance the educational outcome of each student.
Build road ways using the latest technology to last significantly longer than at present.
The county's role should be assisting the municipalities in the efficient use of their tax revenue.
One suggestion would be to synchronize traffic lights; there would be a great savings in gas expense and wear and tear of vehicles and roadways. Another issue is the potential hazard of the county's water distribution system.
The distribution of tax revenue among the various agencies it supports. I would like to see the most efficient use of the limited resources the county receives. Also, make every effort to ascertain the needs of each local government in the county.
I would welcome any refugee that is vetted properly, will abide by the laws of our government and make a positive effort to contribute to improving our society.
Education....Education...Education.... Provide positive learning environment while at the same time teach personal responsibility. Help those who can't help themselves, to help themselves and their family.
Continue and develop programs that encourage skills needed to provide for themselves and their family.
City of residence Southfield
Family Larry Quarles - Spouse
Education PhD - Public Affairs and Administration
Vehicles owned Cadillac SRX
Professional Experience Professor, Small Business Owner
Political Experience Oakland County Commissioner, State Representative, Michigan Democratic Party, Vice Chairman
Race/ethnicity African American
Campaign Website
Twitter http://nquarles
Incumbent? yes
The top three (3) issues facing the county are: ensuring fairness in the distribution of resources throughout the districts, funding for roads, and keeping the county attractive to citizens and businesses who choose Oakland County. Many of the aging cities in the county are located in the southern section. I will work with the departments to establish funding and make sure resources are in place to keep cities in the district sustainable. Where opportunities exist, I will make certain our district is a benefactor of available resources.
Yes, I support funding for a regional transit system. A regional transit system helps cities and communities it serves to remain sustainable, while allowing the citizens an option for transportation. Some citizens will use the system as their form of transportation, others use it to reduce traffic congestion. A public transportation system will provide environmental benefits. By protecting the environment, air quality, and thus health is improved. Furthermore, the investment in regional transit system will boost economic development and make the region more competitive with other major urban areas.
The priority is to have connectivity among the public transportation systems. A direct result of allowing the transportation systems to connect is more opportunity for employment. This provides a significant economic benefit to businesses, communities and citizens.
Keeping in mind the sheriff department’s duty is to protect and serve the public, safety is the priority. Body cameras will provide another prospect for preventing and de-escalating confrontations between officers and citizens, with the hope the camera footage provides valuable evidence.
I support the vote of the citizens on this matter. But more importantly, the State of Michigan first needs to develop some consistent, enforceable policies for Medical Marijuana. Today, all of the responsibilities for interpretation and execution of policy falls to the individual communities. We certainly need to address that before we try to deal with Recreational Marijuana and all of the challenges it’s going to present.
Gun violence is a national issue. I support the steps the county took, such as working with police chiefs to strategize on gun safety, distributing gun locks, implementing a county Gun Safety Task Force, and the aforementioned body cameras. I’d further encourage the County to look at some training that help officers to 1) get involved with Communities to build trust and 2) officer training that improves how they handle conflicts.
The county government does not have a direct role in education. However, the county works and supports the Oakland Schools Board of Education with their initiatives financially, volunteers, and where appropriate the coordination of services.
Funding is the primary issue to updating the infrastructure. Oakland County elected officials must stay at the forefront of notifying state legislators and congressional members about the necessity for additional funds to redevelop the county’s aging infrastructure. Of course, the redevelopment would create jobs for citizens. Along with roads, funds are needed for the drainage and sewerage disposal systems. As the county plans for the rehab, it must be implemented in a way that keeps the county and citizens environmentally safe, while at the same time promoting strategic growth
The Emergency Manager Law dictates the services being provided to struggling Cities. However, if a struggling city requests assistance from the county, the county must stand ready to support. The county can offer aid with budgeting, economic development, community policing, as well as other areas of managing a municipality. The county is only as strong as the cities within the boundaries..
Community Mental Health is a facility striving to serve a growing number of consumers who need its services. Although Community Mental Health is an established authority, the continuous growth of persons with mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse issues has stretched its capacity. The Board of Commissioners has the power to appoint members of the Community Mental Health Board. As commissioners, we must ensure members are appointed who can address current and future needs of the authority as well as, the consumers being served.
Oakland County budget is stable. Any surplus funds should be used for infrastructure.
Oakland County’s asset is the people living in the county. Aiding refugees to become citizens contributes to the county’s culture and strengthens the economy of the county. There are several organizations which work with refugees to help them make a successful transition to remain in the county or to return to their homes when they are safe.
I will continue to volunteer for organizations which help individuals improve their skills and quality of life. I will enhance resident’s awareness of opportunities and resources available from the County of Oakland. As a public servant, it is important to be accessible to the citizens. I will concentrate on being available to discuss issues or concerns with constituents. It is crucial to advocate for those that need my help.
As we develop the budget, I will review the allocation of funds for Oakland County Workforce Development Agency. It is my intent, based on their needs, to advocate for this agency.
Yes, I will support and assist my party's presidential nominee.