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    Elizabeth Ann Lucido

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    Douglas M. Trost

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What are the most pressing challenges facing the county in the next four years?

What are the county's biggest budgetary concerns, and how would you address them?

How would you propose handling the county jail population and existing and future criminal justice programs?

How would you propose having the county's executive and legislative branches of government work together more cooperatively?

What is your stance on raising elected officials salaries? If you support raises, what kind of raises do you support for the county's non-elected employees?

What programs would you enhance or introduce countywide and why?

What programs would you propose cutting countywide and why?

Which county-provided services need the most improvement, and what suggestions can you offer for making them better?

What is the county’s role in assisting financially struggling cities?

Do you support the proposed millage to fund regional transit in metro Detroit? Why or why not?

What is your position on outfitting the county sheriff’s department with body cameras?

Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?

With reports showing Michigan behind on education, what role if any do you see the county taking to improve education?

Has the county taken appropriate steps to prevent gun violence?

What is the county’s role in assisting financially struggling cities?

Where do you stand on settling refugees in Michigan, and Macomb County in particular?

What will you do to improve the lives of low-income residents in Macomb County?

What would you do to improve the county’s workforce development efforts?

How would your policies help to fix aging infrastructure in Macomb County?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

City of residence Clinton Township
Age 42
Family Husband, Sebastian Lucido Three children: Angela, Sarafina and Sammy
Education Post Masters Degree Credits 20+: MCC University Center, Masters Degree in Educational Leadership: Saginaw Valley State University, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education: Wayne State University, Adlai Stevenson High School
Vehicles owned Buick
Professional Experience Elementary Teacher: 20 years, Trustee Macomb Community College Board
Political Experience None
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Macomb County lost 20 years of real estate value in the three years of our recent recession. As our home values continue to rise again, the taxable values don't match the value of the homes (see Headlee Amendment). This puts added pressure on our county government to find ways to meet our residents needs. We need to find creative and innovative ways to offer services.
Macomb County was hit hard with the recession ( 2007-2010). Our county eliminated 400 employees with minimal disruption to services provided. As our county continues to grow in population we face increased pressure to rehire employees. We need to find ways to collaborate with municipalities to provide services cost effectively. An example of one way that has been successful is the combining of communities police dispatch services through the use of COMTEC (Macomb County communications and technology center).
Macomb County is nearing the end of a year long comprehensive analysis of our criminal justice system. The development of a central intake system would help assess the needs of those arrested. Many inmates suffer from mental and substance abuse issues. A central intake system would evaluate needs and help inmates to receive the proper treatment they need before considering incarceration.
The "new government" in place in Macomb county consists of 13 county commissioners working with our county executive. In the last 2-3 years both branches have demonstrated that they are working well together. In 2015 Macomb County government worked togther to shore up $260 million in unfunded liability on the pension health care system as well as $65 million towards county infrastructure. While everyone may not agree on every issue, it is essential to have a system with checks and balances. I would continue to build and advocate for healthy relationships based on trust and respect.
Macomb County Board of Commissioners is responsible for setting the salaries of elected officials prior to filing deadlines. I support periodic reviews of compensation for elected and non-elected officials in order to attract and retain the best qualified employees.
Our County's Senior and Veteran programs need to be expanded, accessible and well advertised. We offer programs that are not being fully utilized because residents are not aware of them or they do not have transportation. We owe it to our seniors and veterans to ensure that they have quality of life and are able to live as independently as possible. The Macomb Community County Action Department oversees services such as lawn cutting, chores and heating assistance.
One of the most crucial responsibilities of county commissioners is to analyze the county's annual budget. I would analyze the services provided and assure they are operating efficiently and effectively.
Macomb County has 1,800 lane miles of running roads under it's jurisdiction. I would work with state legislatures to get adequate funding for replacing and repairing our roads.
Our county needs to work together to assist one another when needed. Municipalities need to come together to provide services when feasible. This has been done in the past and has benefited communities in need. The Mt. Clemens Police department disbanded in 2005. The Sheriff Department now covers the city and saves more than $1 million per year in costs. Two other local communities are in need of planning and economic development and have banned together to share that service to save their communities funds.
At this time I am not comfortable with the proposed millage. The SMART bus system has been supported by voters with their approval of increased millages over the years. The idea of connectivity between counties is appealing, however, more details need to be provided before voters will feel secure with a tax increase.
By the end of the year officers will be outfitted with cameras. Cameras are to protect officers as well as suspects. Video surveillance reduces liability and subjectivity. It would eliminate hear say and present actual events. Body cameras would benefit the officers, suspects and court system.
I do not support legalization of recreational marijuana. I do support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes as well as the enforcement of carrying a medical card.
As a public school educator I understand the need for our educational system's reform. County government has no jurisdiction or authority over public schools. I advocate the county working closely with public school boards and Macomb County Intermediate School District to ensure our school systems are moving forward and keeping up with National Standards. Head Start Programs are operated by the county. The new Macomb County Resource Center in Mt. Clemens will now use half of it's new facility to house the Early Head Start program. This program needs to be working to it's full potential to ensure the children in need begin their school years in the right direction.
I support the second amendment and the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms. However, the best way to prevent gun violence is by preventing criminals and those that intend to do harm from obtaining guns. The State and Federal government need to do a better job enforcing the existing laws which allow for the sale of firearms . Macomb County's Sheriff Department does an excellent job protecting us from gun violence.
Question was previously asked ( above)
Macomb County needs to welcome immigrants and take proactive steps to help them successfully integrated into our community. OneMacomb is an organization that supports Macomb County leaders in their efforts to respond to the county's increase in cultural diversity. Fifteen hundred immigrants settle in Macomb County each year. OneMacomb offers resources to help immigrants and refugees in their search to settle in our county, acquire jobs and job training as well as business opportunities. The more diverse our community is, the better aligned we are to become global leaders.
Programs need to be available, accessible and well advertised. The new Macomb County Family Resource Center in Mt. Clemens will connect residents with similar services such as : a food pantry, emergency utility assistance, emergency rent and mortgage assistance, supplemental food program registration, water bill assistance and a home weatherization program. Housing all of these services in one place will make it easier for residents to access. The county needs to promote cohesive programs such as this to help our low income residents.
Michigan/St.Clair Workforce Development Board strives to be the leader in coordinating and providing quality, comprehensive workforce development. They offer employment and training services by working with business, education and other key local government and community organizations. As a Trustee on the Macomb Community College Board I have observed their excellent program in Workforce Development. I would continue to support Michigan/ St.Clair Workforce Board and Macomb Community College's efforts in workforce development.
Like a home that ages, we must continue to address infrastructure as it ages. County Comissioners need to be good stewards of tax dollars and invest in the county's infrastructure in order to protect the integrity of buildings and their contents.
City of residence Clinton Twp.
Age 33
Family Happily Married to my Wife Amanda and we share a beautiful 10 month old girl Harper "Victoria"
Education Some College
Vehicles owned I Drive a company Vehicle
Professional Experience Vice President of Trost Irrigation
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Macomb County needs to continue to attract world class companies to come to Macomb county which will help create economic development and new tax revenues
Martha T Berry medical facility has been mismanaged for decades, they have improved but the general fund cannot with stand funding this facility into a deficit. I would look to market and sell the Martha T Berry facility as long as the company the vetted and would give world class care.
Going back to the basics of educating our children about drug and alcohol use through the D.A.R.E. programs.
Both Branches of Government need to understand they are working for the voters and not for any political agendas they may have.
All pay for county elected employees should be competitive and comparable to private sector.
I would look to see which programs create jobs and tax dollars for our county and strengthen upon them.
Any Social service programs that are not producing i would propose to eliminate them after careful review and analysis
The parks and recreation service, we need to review the trail system and add to, improve and enhance this program
This is a state issue the county doesn't play a role in this
Yes this would be a great idea this will hold both parties accountable
This is a state issue the county doesn't play a role in this
The state issues laws regarding gun violence
This is a state issue the county doesn't play a role in this
People need to be properly vetted and go through proper background checks prior to entering the state
Educate people that we have programs in place to help people in need
provide dynamic services that produce work-ready employees for business and community growth.
We need to restructure taxation to appropriately fund infrastructure repairs
Yes i will campaign for fellow republicans and attend campaign events as schedule allows