Macomb County Treasurer

The Macomb County Treasurer serves a four-year term and will be paid $112,342 in his first year in office.

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What are the most pressing challenges facing the office in the next four years and how would you start to solve them?

How do you propose helping residents avoid tax foreclosure and stay in their homes?

Do you support a land bank? Why or why not?

What plans, if any, do you have to make technological advances in the office to make it easier for residents to pay their taxes online or while visiting other county offices or locations?

Which areas of the treasurer’s office need the most improvement, and what suggestions can you offer for making them better?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

City of residence Warren
Age 32
Family Wife Katie Daughter Dakota
Education Bachelor's in Political Science -- Michigan State University 2006 Juris Doctorate -- University of Detroit Mercy School of Law 2009
Vehicles owned Ford Explorer Chrysler 300
Professional Experience Assistant Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney -- 2010-2014
Political Experience Michigan House of Representatives 2014-2015 Macomb County Treasurer February 2015 - present
Race/ethnicity Caucasion
Incumbent? true
1) Keeping people in their homes. While foreclosure is a necessary tool of my office, my top goal is to give homeowners every opportunity to pay their taxes and remain in their homes. Financial education and literacy is the key. 2) Upgrading technology. When I was appointed to this position I began a systematic review of the technology the office was using to determine what we could do to improve the services we are providing to the public. 3) Acting as a responsible custodian of the county funds. It is my job as treasurer to invest county funds safely, to seek a reasonable return on county investments and properly serve taxpayers through use of responsible best practices.
When I came into office I immediately got to work enhancing our foreclosure prevention process. My team put together the “Keep Macomb Your Home” campaign to ensure that citizens knew about the upcoming deadlines. Additionally we work one on one with citizens facing foreclosure, directing them to available assistance such as Step Forward Michigan, MSU Extension counseling, and Veteran services. Well beyond the statutory deadlines, my office is working with taxpayers to design payments plans that are fair and effective. I am proud of the work my staff and I are doing and plan to improve the process where we can to ensure that every resident has an opportunity to keep Macomb their home.
I believe that a land bank can be an effective tool in some communities to help them revitalize neighborhoods and improve the lives of residents. I think each county needs to review the needs of their communities to determine if a land bank would be a benefit to the county or the local communities. At this time I do not believe that a land bank is necessary in Macomb County.
This is one of the first issues that I began tackling when I received the appointment to this office. My staff is currently working to implement online payments to allow residents to pay their delinquent taxes online. It is my belief that an individual should not have to take a day off work simply to pay their taxes.
Improved technology is needed throughout the office. We are working on upgrading our website to provide increased services and to allow online payments. I am also in the process of reviewing what technology we use throughout the office to determine how we can better serve the public. Since taking office I have changed the county's investment philosophy. In the past when a CD matured the money was kept in the same bank regardless of what rates were being offered by other banks. I have begun to reinvest maturing CD's based on length of term and market rates, while still being sure only to invest in safe responsible banks. This change should benefit the county's return on investment.
I support Secretary Hillary Clinton for president of the United States and would be honored to appear with her when she comes to Macomb County.
City of residence Clinton Township
Age 72
Education Oakland University, Rochester, MI. Bachelor of Arts Degree/Major: Political Science/History/ Bus. Mgt.
Vehicles owned 2012 Lincoln MKZ
Professional Experience Over 40 years in Business Owner/Broker for Universal Real Estate, Dealing with the Public in Listing & Selling Commercial and Residential Propeerty
Political Experience Active in the Republican Party as an Elected Precinct Delegate from 1984 through 2016. Served in many different capacities as a Treasurer and a variety of Committees,
Race/ethnicity American of Italian decent.
Campaign Website
Incumbent? false
For the next four years the Macomb County Treasurers Office needs to maintain a Balanced Budget require an AUDIT of the Department to determine where there is Waste and Abuse and work to eliminate it where found. To work with the County Executive and the County Commissioners to have a smooth and close working relationship
To help residents avoid tax foreclosure and stay in their homes I would work within the current laws governing the Treasurers Office to allow residents in trouble with their taxes to work out a payment plan that would be helpful in allowing them more time to stay in their homes.
I do not support a land bank at this time. At this time it has not proven to be beneficial to the county, however if in the future I can be informed as to how it would benefit the county I would strongly consider it after thorough consultation with the County Executive and the County Commissioners.
My current plans for improving the technological advances in the Treasurers office is to review current technology and inquire with advanced technology experts for more efficiency and improvements to make it easier for the residents.
There is always room for improvement in all offices of government, in regards to the Treasurers Office i would require a current Audit of the department to get a better indication as to where improvements can be made.
Absolutely I would support the Republican presidential nominee and appear at campaign events.