Wayne County Treasurer

This race is uncontested. The Wayne County Treasurer serves a four-year term and receives an annual salary of $115,000.

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    Eric Sabree

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Biographical Information

Which areas of the treasurer’s office need the most improvement, and what suggestions can you offer for making them better?

Do you think the Wayne County tax foreclosure auction works like it should? Why or why not?

What changes would you make to the auction, if any?

Briefly describe programs or policies you would adopt to keep homeowners facing foreclosure in place.

What plans, if any, do you have to make technological advances in the office?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

City of residence Detroit
Age 62
Family Wife, Badriyyah of 36 years; Daughter, Aliyah; Son, Adam; Son, Yusuf and daughter in law, Diamond; Granddaughters, Lauryn and Amirah
Education High School - Detroit Catholic Central; Undergraduate - Michigan State University; Juris Doctorate - Detroit College of Law, now Michigan State College of Law
Vehicles owned 2003 Ford Explorer; 1998 Mercedes ML320; 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo; 1995 Chevy S10 Pick Up
Professional Experience City of Detroit: Building and Safety Engineering, Supervisor; Housing Commission, Executive General Manager; Planning and Development Department, Deputy Director and Director Private Law Practice: Real Estate, Zoning, and Immigration Wayne County: Corporation Counsel, Chief of Real Estate and Tax Section; Wayne County Treasurer's Office, Deputy Land Management, Chief Deputy Treasurer, Wayne County Treasurer
Political Experience Assisted in the following campaigns: James Del Rio, Coleman A. Young, Daisy Elliott, John Conyers, Harold Washington, President Barack Obama, Dennis Archer, Robert Ficano, Mike Duggan, and Warren Evans
Race/ethnicity African American
Incumbent? true
Customer services needs improvement. This will be be done by providing intentional and focused staff training, making decisions based on analyzed data, and increasing the efficiency of the office's phone call center. Management performance needs improvement. This will be done by engaging managers in intense training aimed at increasing the efficiency of employees and processes in the office.
Yes, the online public property tax auction, despite the large volume of properties, works like it should. The Treasurer's office conducts its auction “in house” after three years of contracting with outside vendors. The change to "in house" results in a savings of approximately $700,000 per year. Conducting the "in house" auction allows for troubleshooting of problems, immediate respond to questions, and the ability to monitor the bidding activity throughout the auction.

Changes will include giving all buyers 72 hours instead of 24 hours to pay for auction properties. Anyone prequalified with intentions of living in the purchased property will be given up to 45 days to pay for their purchase. Real estate brokers will be used to show a select number of quality properties for which a title insurance policy will be provided. Prior to the auction, internet instructional sessions will be available for clarification of auction procedures.
The Treasurer’s office will continue to implement several programs to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Monthly payment plans are available. Low income homeowners facing foreclosure are allowed to defer payment of their delinquent property taxes until December of each year. The office partners with agencies to provide financial management, counseling, and referrals for homeowners. The Treasurer’s office will continue to participate in aggressive community outreach including door-to-door visits with residents facing foreclosure, and lobbying the State Legislature for beneficial changes including the law which allows a reduction in the interest rate for delinquent taxes.
The Treasurer’s Office has partnered with DTE to begin the acceptance of payments at kiosks/payment centers at 26 locations in Wayne County. A smart phone application is in development for payment of delinquent taxes. Taxpayers will have the option of entering into payment agreements online. These initiatives will reduce much of the traffic in the Treasurer's Office at 400 Monroe, where an average of 1,000 people visit the office a day.
Absolutely, yes.