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What would be your top three priorities in this office?

Which areas of the clerk’s office need the most improvement, and what suggestions can you offer for making them better?

If elected, what would you do to make voting more accessible?

What you would you like to see state leaders do to make voting more accessible and increase voter turnout?

What would you do to improve customer service in the clerk’s office?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

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City of residence West Bloomfield
Age 49
Family married with a house full of sons
Education B.S., Michigan State University J.D., Detroit College of Law
Vehicles owned 2011 Ford Edge
Professional Experience attorney, former Realtor, former State Representative, Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Political Experience State Representative 2009-2012 Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds 2013-present
Race/ethnicity caucasian
Incumbent? true
I want to insure every citizen has access to the ballot. I have held voter registration drives around the county and will continue to do so. I have worked with the State's Bureau of Elections and L. Brooks Patterson's senior staff on the purchase of new voting equipment for Oakland County and will work with our municipal clerks to make our selection. I will continue to fight fraud in the Register of Deeds office. I brought Super Index, a free searchable database, and Property Records Notification, an award winning free alert system, the first of its kind in the country, to Oakland County. Finally, to continue providing more accessibility to services while continuing to cut expenditures.
I have improved many areas of the office. When I came into office there was a nine week backlog in the Registry of Deeds office. We got caught up and among other things, changed the way we process documents to be more efficient. I am working on improving the process that our office uses to create birth records for home births, reducing the fee for ordering vital records on line, and working with the State to have EDRS (electronic death registration system) for Oakland County.
I have been, and will continue to, hold voter registration drives around the county. I serve on the legislative committee for the Michigan Association of County Clerks and advocate for legislation that would make voting more accessible, such as no reason absentee voting and allowing any clerk to register any voter or check identification to count as registering in person.
Some election reforms I would like to see state leaders enact to make voting more accessible and increase voter turnout include, but are not limited to, the repeal of the elimination of straight party voting, allowing no reason absentee voting, allowing voting centers, allowing any clerk to register any voter and have it count as in person registration, allowing teens to pre-register when they get their drivers license, and early voting.
I am always striving to improve customer service. More services have been made available online. I would increase the number of local office visits as well as passport days, when I've opened the office on a Saturday. It's not just improving the services we offer but also creating new services. I'm very proud of the programs I started such as reducing or waiving the fee for a certified vital record for a resident who is facing extreme hardship and receiving services from an accredited social service agency, Property Records Notification, to help empower and educate homeowners about possible fraud on their home, and pushing to eliminate the fee for Veterans cards.
City of residence Highland Township, Michigan
Age 72
Family Three Children--Willis Bullard III, Melisaa Ann Bullard and Kaila Michelle Bullard
Education B.A., University of Michigan; J.D. Detroit College of Law
Vehicles owned 2013 GMC Acadia
Professional Experience Attorney-At-Law since December, 1971
Political Experience Oakland County Clerk/Register, County Commissioner (Chair of the County Board of Commissioners six years), State Senator, State Representative, Highland Township Supervisor & Trustee
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Campaign Website
YouTube http://N/A
I am the only candidate in the Republican primary who has experience as Oakland County Clerk/Register. I want to accomplish the following three things as Clerk/Register. 1.) More electronic transactions--e-filing and e-recording. There transactions are more convenient for the customers and save taxpayer dollars. 2.) When I was Clerk/Register I implemented "Express Deeds" which allows a person recording a deed to walk out of the office in 3-4 minutes with a fully recorded document. I will re-install the streamlined electronic recording system I implemented which the present Clerk cancelled. 3.) Increased outreach with more mobile office and Farmer's Marked visits.
The Vital Records Department is an important part of the Clerk's office dealing with Birth & death records, marriage licenses, Notary public licenses, Veteran's Cards, Assumed Names and Business registrations and Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPLs). More vital records can be converted to an electronic system especially birth and death records which I have plans to improve in this area.
I would continue the Voter Reminder Service that sends e-mails to voters reminding them of dates of upcoming elections.
As County Clerk I will encourage state legislators and the Governor to enact new laws to make voting more accessible and increase voter turnout. Specifically the following two reforms in our election laws should be enacted: 1.) An internet voter registration system. Although the percentage of citizens in our state who are registered voters is among the highest in our country at over 90% we should work to increase voter registration. 2.) "No Reason" absentee voting should be enacted. More and more citizens are voting absentee each election and we should open that system to all. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has detailed proposals on both these issues that I support.
I would re-institute the "On Line Not In Line" promotion to encourage as many customers as possible to do transactions electronically--e-filing and e-recording. Customer service would benefit as the more people that do business electronically the shorter are the lines at the customer counters. Electronic transactions are more efficient to process saving taxpayer dollars. In the Register of Deeds office I would reestablish the streamlined electronic recording process I instituted and the present Clerk cancelled without explanation.
I will support the nominee of the Republican Party as President. I do not expect to appear at campaign events with my party's Presidential nominee as I am concentrating on explaining to voters what I will do in the office of Oakland County Clerk/Register.