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    Peter J. Lucido

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    Diane Young

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How should the state assist other municipalities and school districts whose solvency is threatened by its financial obligations to current and future retirees?

Is the way the state funds our cities adequate to ensure safety and service delivery? If not, what changes would you support to our municipal finance model?

When cities are struggling, what is the appropriate way for the state to intervene? Should state intervention – through the emergency manager law or some other avenue – come with dollars attached? Why or why not?

How would you rate the state’s response to the Flint water crisis?

Explain your answer and what you would do, if anything, to improve the state’s response.

How would you rate the federal government’s response to the Flint water crisis?

Explain your answer and what you would do, if anything, to improve the federal government’s response.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? If so, explain.

Have you ever filed for personal bankruptcy? If so, explain.

Do you believe Michigan’s tax system is generally fair? If not, what changes do you support?

Would you support the establishment of a Detroit Educational Commission that would have authority to site, open and close traditional public and charter schools?

What changes, if any, would you support in the way Michigan authorizes and regulates charter schools?

Do you favor amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity?

Do you support state-level laws modeled on the federal Restoration of Religious Freedom Act?

Have you signed any public pledge to support or oppose any organization’s public policy objectives, such as outlawing abortion or barring any increase in taxes?

Do you support legislation to minimize or eliminate the influence of political parties on drawing lines for legislative districts?

Do you support decriminalization of recreational marijuana?

Do you support and will you appear at campaign events with your party’s presidential nominee?

Do you support the renewal and/or expansion of renewable energy mandates for Michigan energy producers?

Do we incarcerate too many people in Michigan? What would you change in the criminal justice system?

City of residence Shelby Township
Age 55
Family Wife: Ann Marie Children: Briana, Nina, Peter III
Education Graduate – De La Salle Collegiate High School, 1978 Graduate – Macomb Community College, Associate Degree, 1981 Graduate – Oakland University, Bachelor Degree, Public Administration and Business, 1983 Graduate – Central Michigan University, Master of Business, 1984 Graduate – Detroit College of Law (now known as Michigan State University School of Law), Juris Doctor, Law Degree 1988
Vehicles owned Multiple American Cars
Professional Experience Founder and former President, Lucido and Manzella, P.C. Founder and Publisher Emeritus, Macomb Now Magazine
Political Experience Ending first term as State Representative
Race/ethnicity Caucasian
Campaign Website
Incumbent? true
The state should work with the local municipalities and school districts to ensure a solution is reached which ensures the solvency of the entity in question but does whatever is necessary to avoid a state taxpayer paid for bail out.
I believe our current funding model is adequate to ensure safety and service delivery, however if I were shown a proposal which could do the job even better I would be open to it.
The state has multiple avenues to help struggling cities, and has the ability to try multiple solutions based on the needs of the city. We must be vigilant to ensure we are doing what is in the best interests of all involved.
Below average
Above average
The state's response was poor in that it took too long to realize and admit there was a problem, however, after that the state did what was necessary to address the issue as best as possible. Going forward we need better monitoring, and to ensure information flows freely, instead of the stop and start we saw.
Below average
Above average
The federal government has been terrible in response to this crisis, and their continued obfuscation has done nothing to help the crisis.
Overall, the system is more generally fair than not, however there are some changes I would look into. One example would be revisiting the recent road tax increase I opposed.
While I do believe all schools should have accountability, the Detroit Educational Commission, as proposed, as not the right solution.
Michigan needs to ensure our charter schools are educating our students up to the same standards as we expect from our public schools.
I would need to see the specific language of any proposed change to this Act.
Michigan currently has protections modeled after the 1993 federal Restoration of Religious Freedom Act though court action, if that is deem insufficient then legislation should be examined.
Not currently.
I would want to see a specific proposal on this subject.
I certainly believe there should be other priorities for law enforcement then enforcement of marijuana laws on people who are not harming others with their use, we should focus on those who do harm to others due to their drug use first.
If the nominee of my party appears at a campaign event in my area and my schedule permits I will make all efforts to attend.
While I am not a fan of mandates, I do believe we should use Michigan's natural renewable energy sources to the best of our ability.
In my over 25 years experience as a part of the criminal justice system there are many changes I think need to be made, and I will continue to work to see those changes are made.
City of residence Shelby Township
Age 51
Family Randy, Associate Dean of Macomb College Ethan, 21 and Rachel 17
Education BA Stoney Brook University
Vehicles owned Dodge Caravan
Professional Experience President, The Athena Financial Group 2004- Present Director of Financial Planning, AXA Advisors 200-2004 Associate Regional Director, Washington Square Securities 1998-2000
Political Experience President, The Women's Democratic Club of Greater Rochester
Race/ethnicity White
Incumbent? false
As the treasurer of the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, I was part of the team that evaluated and help close out the remaining pension plan from when Girl Scouts consolidated councils in 2009. We were able to pay every retiree their full benefit. I know we can help these under funded pension plans in a few ways, first by helping municipalities evaluate what they actually have, where the liabilities are and how they will need to be paid out. This requires some specially trained people and most municipalities do not have those resources. The State could help with providing those specialists as well as strategies to pay off the liabilities.
No, the current revenue sharing program is not adequate to fund our police at a local level. I would support increasing it so more police and fire responders are available. I would also want to encourage community policing programs as they help the police and the community develop a better relationship instead of an adversarial one. This could lead to cost savings because these types of programs have been shown to reduce crime and arrest rates.
The state should offer support in the form of talent resources; professionals who are trained in the area's of finance and pension law that the municipality lacks. An EFM should only be a last resort and the actions of the EFM should still be subject to the local citizens support, meaning the citizens should get to vote on major actions that the EFM is doing. For example, in Benton Harbor, the EFM sold off a public park that was used by many local citizens to a big developer backed by millionaires. Now a public access park where everyone could enjoy the views of Lake Michigan is closed to the public. And they didn't have any say in the matter. That is wrong.
Below average
Above average
While many communities have elevated lead problems because of aging infrastructure, this was an entirely man made problem.My mother always told me that if I made a mess, I better clean it up. The state needs to provide the funding mechanism to replace the water pipes, reimburse people for the pain and suffering that has been caused, and help this city recover. Flint was on the verge of a resurgence when this happened. The downtown area was just starting to recover, real estate prices were stabilizing, and that has all been put into jeopardy because someone wanted to save a few bucks and not put a chemical in the water treatment.
Below average
Above average
The Federal Government is limited as to what it can do until the State Government requests help. Once that was done, the Federal government did as much as it could do. I do know that there are people in the administration who are committed to helping Flint but we do need to keep the pressure on both the State and the Federal government to ensure that resources are being delivered as promised.
Our flat tax system penalizes many of our most vulnerable citizens. I would support a more progressive tax program as well as one that ensure that all business pay their fair share. Currently, the tax structure is not quite balanced. While I don't want to go back to the confusing MBT, our current system isn't effective.
Yes. There are close to 100 charter schools in Detroit. We need to return resources and control to the local population as soon as possible.
YES. We need to support our public schools. We need to stop the expansion of charter schools immediately. The initial concept of using charter schools as a source of innovation, like music and science academies, was a noble one, and one I can support. But I cannot continue to allow our tax dollars to be funneled to greedy billionaires like Michael Milken who went to jail for Wall Street Fraud in the 90's.
YES! We need campaign finance reform NOW. Our state is awash in dark money and outside influences. Our campaign finance rules are a joke. We score as one of the worst states for transparency. I would work to have legislators subject to Freedom of Information Act as well as personal finance disclosure and ethics rules. We have NO IDEA if legislators own stock in the companies they are passing legislation on or financial interests in companies that will benefit from contracts.
Yes, we have to stop sending people to jail over this. I do not want people driving under the influence and would support strict rules of that. In addition, we need to provide funding for helping people get over drug and alcohol addiction instead of just sending people to jail over them. I have had family members who needed help and there were few resources for them to use. We can do better as a society.
Yes. I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President. I would be honored and humbled for her to come to my district.
Yes, we have to be proactive in moving to a carbonless economy.
YES! We need to have better alternatives to jail. Many are there because of drug related issues and jail is not a good place to handle that. Also, we have just re institutionalized many people who have mental health issues, and we need to make sure we increase funding for mental health. In addition, we cannot continue to privatize jails as it just creates an incentive to incarcerate people.